June 24, 2010

Photos from Bead & Button

As promised, photos from Bead & Button!  Oh my gosh, it was too much fun.  I loved meeting everyone, too many to mention.  I loved hearing from folks that read my blog, make sure you leave a comment to say hi!  Hanging out with Erin and Rosanne was so much fun.  My brother even drove over to the show from Michigan and spent a day with us.  I shopped, 'oh lord I was suppose to be selling how did I get so much shopping done'-shopped!  That was thanks to my two awesome booth helpers.  And trouble-making shopping helpers.  I think we like to blame each other, but really it didn't take much arm twisting to snag our favorite beads.
The Humblebeads Booth, I went with a minimalistic design with white plates and bowls.  I tossed in a few metal leaf plates and bird nests for texture.  That grey material - silk with metallic strands, a gift from a friend.  Oh how I love that fabric.

Toggles, an updated version that will soon be in my Etsy shop with leafs, branches and key toggles instead of the hammered wire ones.  This way you can pick your favorite metal.

 I wish I had picked up more of the nests/bowls - they were so cute!

A sneak peek at the new beads - birches and October Sky pendants and cuffs.  Yumm-o my friends.

And speaking of friends, what is better than meeting up with your bead tribe during this event?  I touched base with old buddies and met many new wonderful and talented peeps.  Here is Jess from Vintaj with super-creative designer and author Sherri Haab. Jess was doing a great make-and-take at the booth the entire show!

 Me and Jess - photo snagged from their facebook page!

 A necklace on display at the Vintaj booth, created by Jess and featuring a Humblebead!

Yeah it's Melanie from Earthenwood - her booth and new work is amazing!  It was so good to visit in between selling!

A photo I sneaked of Pam from Bello Modo, she was too busy working the show.  They had a huge booth filled with all sorts of goodies.  Can't wait to see them again on the next Bead Cruise!

That sweet little beadmaker, Diane Hawkey.  She is as quirky and fun as her beads! I love her work and picked up quite a few of her word beads that I will be playing with in the studio soon.

Andrew from Green Girl Studios.  I was lucky enough to be kitty-corner from their booth and was able to chat with Andrew a few times.  He also came to my rescue with an extra light - ah the joy of learning things from a new show!

 Here he is pictured with his friend, but for the life of me I can't remember her name. 

Okay, now I need to photograph my art bead stash from the show.  I got some amazing beads, for which you will hate me for a few moments.  Tee-hee.


Silver Parrot said...

Every time I think I'm over my jealousy at not being able to go to B&B - another reminder pops up of all the beady awesomeness I missed out on so thanks for that LOL! I LOVE the leafy bars for the toggles and am probably gonna need me some of those ;-)

Beverly Herman said...

Great pictures of the show and your Humblebead booth. I am not missing out next year. I am going to be sitting right there in your both enabling your shopping muse.

Andrew Thornton said...

It was really great to see you again and chat with you at B&B! You're awesome. It was particularly nice to see all your many goodies laid out.

Ha ha ha! That's Kelli Burns of The Hole Bead Shop in Oklahoma. If you're ever lucky enough to be set up next to her and her husband, Mike, you'll be laughing your butt off the whole time. They're hilarious! (And after a conversation with her, I am seriously considering grilling a Twinkie!)

Good to see you again! Hope the show was a success for you!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Your booth looked wonderful! You seem to really have enjoyed yourself!

planettreasures said...

Great pics of your booth and display.
I love the birds and eggs.
One day I will get back to the Bead and Button show, but until then I'll enjoy your photos.

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! I am amazed by all your beads at your booth- YOU GO GIRL!!