June 27, 2010

Not working - but work!

Okay, in an attempt to do more with life than make beads I'll share some non-beading projects with you. I know, beads aren't enough?  No!  I'm in serious need of balance and spending more time with my family.  The girls and I are working on two summer projects, gardening and creating an outdoor studio.

So I found this cute little nursery on the west side of town (great prices) and picked up some finds at the local flea market.  Today we are going to work on the front of the house.  There is a small neglected flower bed that is filled with Purple Queen and some kind of flowering bush.  I have planted various things and killed them all over the years.  (We'll have been here for 6 years in August.)  The Purple Queen and a few succulents are the only things I've managed to keep alive.  Hopefully I'll have better luck with this batch.   I would love to be a gardener, my sister is an amazing gardener.  She is always planting, moving things, arranging.  It's a skill that has been lost on me!
We have a huge yard, front and back with nothing but grass.  Although this year it's probably more weeds than grass, maybe I shouldn't confess that.  But I will be honest about what we are starting with here - hmm maybe I should apply to be on a few home & garden yard/garden shows - I might get lucky!

Along with the front area I bought a few herbs to do a little container gardening on our porch.  So I'm off to work on that while I'm waiting for the heat to subside and I can start digging later this afternoon.  Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday.


d'Olivia said...

Good luck with your gardening! It's a lot of work, but it's so nice to have pretty flowers or home grown veggies!

Pretty Things said...

Beautiful colors!

Heather said...

Vibrant Colors and excellent photos. I did 13 years of heavy duty gardening while working full-time in WA state where the weeds take over everything! I learned to love the weeds for their own beauty except for one- "Choke weed"!! It killed anything it climbed up.
Hope you can keep them alive. That is always the problem here because not much survives 120 degrees here in the desert.

TesoriTrovati said...

Love this potted plant. I buy hanging baskets that are in full bloom and just snip off the hanger and pop them in a pot. Instant garden. But this year in the new house I wasn't sure what to do. So I spent about $75 on two gorgeous flowering baskets to hang on the porch. And the moment I took them out of the greenhouse they took on another life. They look like spikey weeds with a few tangled purple blooms. So disappointing. I am anxious to see what you will do!
Enjoy the day!

Desert Rubble said...

That first photo is GORGEOUS!! I always did terribly with coleus here, but canna, I just love canna. Good luck with your gardening, but I am more intrigued about the outdoor studio, sounds awesome!


SummersStudio said...

I'm intrigued by the outdoor studio too. And since you've confessed, I will to. My garden is a bed of weeds interspersed with some hardy natives. I seem to be particularly good with growing weeds.