November 17, 2010

Etsy Opps!

Squirrel 1: "What do you mean it's not in there?  It was here a minute ago."
Squirrel 2: "I don't know, I just found it that way...burp."

For those of you who are trying to check out from Etsy per my instructions for the discount - ignore it.  I didn't realize Etsy changed their shopping cart and you can no longer check out without paying.

So to take advantage of my 20% off discount: add 'winter20' to the note section, complete your purchase, pay and I will refund the discount back to your Paypal account.  This seems to be working the best for everyone.  Thanks!


My Life Under the Bus said...

HaHaHa - those two remind me of my twins except the conversation would be, " Hey you smell like chocolate!"

I don't know if you've seen this but apparently there is now an app for putting your store on sale!
( I hope it's ok to leave a link!)

Happy Wednesday!

Malin de Koning said...

No no no!
THIS is what they are saying to each other:
-Do you know anyone who's been to Sweden, I have heard the squirrels there are red?
-No way! That must look really weird.
-Naa, I don't know, I think it could be rather attractive myself. I would actually like to go there to check it out.
-Oh yes, please can I come along?
- Sure, I am planning on booking my ticket on friday, I will get into some money then.
-Awesome, hope we can find some awesome person we could stay with.
-I am shure Heather can help us out on that, she knows people all over the world.

Alice said...

So funny! Love the little squirrels. Thanks for the laugh Heather.