November 18, 2010

Glad Tidings

I picked up some of Diane Hawkey's word beads and Earthenwood's porcelain disks at Bead & Button this year and decided to order more for a series of pendants. Here they are, I created 3 of each design. I wanted something that was "holiday" but could be worn all year. Diane's beads remind me of worry stones. I could see someone wearing the pendant and touching the bead to remember the message they carry.

That reminds me of my Great Grandmother. She would play with her necklaces while she waited her turn at cards or while visiting with family over a cup of coffee. Beads rubbed between fidgeting fingers mindlessly while she recounted the details of stories from her past or news of friend of the family. I catch myself doing the same thing every now and then.

Nest Earrings to match the other pieces in my collection. I really love these. They are made with tiny eggs, makes me wish I could still wear earrings!

After the holidays and the book deadline I'm going to work on offering a line of jewelry to shops. The nest pieces will be part of that. I miss making and selling jewelry as part of my business so I'm easing back into it. 


Traumkirschen said...

like your blog(:

Heidi said...

Those pendants are so cute. I love the way you put things together :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Yea! Your baubles are gorgeous. I love them all and want one of each! I love how your beads work so seamlessly with the Diane and Melanie beads. Truly delightful.
Enjoy the day!

Jenni C said...

I love the word beads and how you put them together. The egg earrings are totally cute, can I ask why you can't wear earrings any more? Allergy?

Pretty Things said...

LOVE the necklaces!

Alice said...

Heather, the necklaces are so lovely!

I think its great you will be offering a line of jewelry to shops. Your jewlery is just as lovely as your beads and I know they will get snatched up right away. Will the jewelry be different than what you sell on your website and etsy?