November 16, 2010

Winter Forest and a Gift

One Christmas my Dad took my cousins and I for a walk in the woods. There had been an ice storm the night before and the forest was covered in ice and frost. We came upon a brush that was covered in hundreds of tiny icicles. It was amazing, I could have stared at it for hours. My cousins, being boys, grabbed some sticks and started smashing the icicles to pieces. I was 8 and I was so mad at them for what they were doing. I remember that was the first time I realized I saw the world different from others. Where they saw sticks and ice, I saw magic.

It didn't matter whether I was 8 or 28 I always felt a little tinge of that winter magic whenever the first snow of the season would descend upon our sleepy little Michigan town. Three words - lake effect snow - oh the joy! These little pendants conjure up those cozy holiday feelings for me.

I whipped up this bracelet using one of my new toggle clasps. I used icy sterling silver wire and pewter branches. I could see this design used with copper branches and one of my Willow and Wildflower toggles too.
And here it is in action.

I added the toggle clasps to my shop and you can find them with the rest of my winter collection.

And because I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy I'm going to offer a 20% off coupon for my blog readers.

Check out as usual and wait for an updated invoice.

Use the discount code: Winter20 in the notes section when you checkout.

This is for my Etsy shop only.


Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty.


SueBeads said...

Heather, those pieces are really pretty! I have to say that, living in PA, I get tired of the weather but you are right - sometimes it is just MAGIC! And we do love to hear lake effect snow too! It means a day off to play, sometimes!

TesoriTrovati said...

You, dear girl, are magic.
Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the day!

Janet said...

That is pretty darn Devine Heather!!

Spirited Earth said...

love these..
you are right..some people see the magic others not so much.
Fall is active and colorful.

Alice said...

I agree about those who can not see beauty and magic in things. I can see the magic in a brown, dried up seed pod, and others think they're ugly.

Your pieces are just lovely! I took advantage of your discount, thank you, but have never done this before and not sure how to proceed. Are you able to see that I added to my cart even if I haven't checked out?