December 11, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Future

We are about to say goodbye to 2010 and I'm looking forward to a very exciting 2011!  Big changes and new adventures are coming my way in the next 12 months.  Did you know you can get a calendar with a year's worth of my art work?  Check it out here.

And speaking of the future - I'd like to introduce you to the bead magazine of tomorrow.  Handcrafted Jewelry Studio eMag is a new online publication from Interweave.  I didn't get past the 4th page before my socks were blown off!  It's so not like a pdf that you would download, it's completely interactive with videos, projects to download, clickable features and you can click right to products on the web that are shown in the issue.  I think that's one of my favorite parts.  I wrote a polymer clay beadmaking project for this issue - you can see a sneak peek above.  I even picked up some tips for tools that I have been using for years.  It's filled with good stuff - I promise!

What's your favorite adaptation of the Dickens' classic?  I think mine is Scrooged with Bill Murray - it's so funny and how many times around here do we say, "like Niagara Falls baby!" I did enjoy the latest one that is out, The Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey.  We watched it in 3-d and it was unexpectedly good!

God bless us, every one!


Winchell Clayworks said...

We always say, "Oh look--it's a TOASTER!!" Cracks me up every time!

TesoriTrovati said...

Yea for Scrooged! I love that film.
I just ordered two calendars! So sweet! I can stare at your designs all year long. Now I am not sure if I will be able to part with the other one. If I do, my sister Kelly will be having a birthday present!
Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

I wanted to see the 3D one and Zack was adamantly against it for some reason. Poo.