December 17, 2010

Last Minute Gift Project - Wordy Bobby Pins

Here is a super easy project to whip up for last minute gifts or stocking stuffers. I knew I had a hit when my girls were trying to sneak away with their favorites. I made a dozen or so for nieces and my daughter's friends.

You'll need the following:
Plus: paper towels and small bowl of water.

To finish them you can use an acrylic matte varnish or Renaissance Wax.

Optional: 800 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

Skill level: beginner

1. Condition a small amount of clay until it's soft. Roll a pea-sized ball of clay and press it into the bezel.

2. Use the cutting blade to cut the clay flush to the bezel - skim the blade over the bezel horizontally to cut off the excess clay.

3. Stamp with the letter stamps.

4. Bake according to the manufacturers directions.

5. After they cool, brush on a thin coat of paint and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Let dry and coat with varnish or wax.

Variations: I used a headpin to draw designs into the clay like the leaf and snowflake here and owl above. The dots were made with the headpin and the owls eyes were made with the flat end of the headpin.

To create the distressed look I rubbed the painted design on the sandpaper after it was dry.

To create an antiqued finish like the "why not" set above, coat with a second layer of dark brown paint and rub off the excess.

Remember to create a left and a right side bobby pin when using letter stamps.

Depending on the design you create these are perfect for toddler through teen.

All my gifts have been created, the tree is stuffed with goodies underneath awaiting the big day. I'm looking forward to taking some time off to spend with my family. My last day for orders is the 20th and I will be on vacation until January 2nd. Hope you are finding some joy and peace amid the hustle and bustle!
Forgot to mention that all items can be found at Hobby Lobby both in the store or online.


My Life Under the Bus said...

I actually have all of this - these are great! Thank You!!!

Emerald Window said...

What a brilliant idea! Thank You.

TesoriTrovati said...

Super brilliant! You make me think that I could do polymer clay. I love this. I have a TON of Nunn Designs bezels I bought for resinating...but I am toying with the idea of polymer clay now! Thank you for the inspiration. This will be fun to try to these cold winter nights! I think I am in the mood for a Michaels gift card....

Enjoy the day!

Beatnheart said...

great clever idea..thank you for sharing.

Gardanne said...

These are wonderful Heather.

Eileen said...

i would love to give these a you actually bake the polymer in the bezel? you have to glue them in so they stay?...
thanks for posting such a great project...

Jean said...

Love these! so clever of you!

Nancy Ward said...


Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog, PaperFriendly.

Nancy Ward