December 1, 2010

Woodland Bracelets

This bracelet design was featured in Stringing earlier this year, I thought I'd whip up a bunch of them for the show.  I love working with the eggs lately, they are just so cute and whimsical.  They remind me of Cabinets of Curiosities, little scientific specimens plucked from nature.  I loved this story from NPR about a man and his helpers who collected 8000 bird eggs and categorized them in cabinets.  They were tucked away in a library cabinet for over 80 years before being donated to a university.

Revisiting another woodland design with Squirrels and Hedgies.  This squirrel is paired up with a ceramic bead from Earthenwood studios, a few stones and wood.   I used links of chain to end this bracelet so that it could be given as a gift.  I have to admit, it never occurred to me to do that until this year.  So it's true, old dogs can learn new beady tricks.

And here is the same design with a Hedgie and a disk bead from me.  I met someone at Bead & Button last year who had a hedgehog named Fern - seems like the perfect name for a cute little hedgie.

LOVING these big chunky brass leaves from Ornamentea.  They come all bright and shiny, but just a quick dip in liver of sulphur and they take on this wonderful earthy, organic quality.  I added in one of my branch lentils and disks along with a few glass beads.

Giveaway Winner:
Shannon C. from For My Sweet Daughter is the winner of the Modern Forest Toggle!  Thanks for playing along everyone.


Pepita said...

Hi Heather,

I have been sending you emails but getting no response so far. Could you please check your inbox?

Thank you.
Pepita Bos

TesoriTrovati said...

The eggs and the squirrels and hedgies! TOO CUTE!
Enjoy the day!

Beverly Herman said...

Your going to have a wonderful show with all those wonderful creations! You know every new thing you design is my new favorite!

Silver Parrot said...

I love doing chain on the end of a bracelet - saves so much time with the measuring/never fitting quite right issue! Plus, people like different amounts of "looseness" in their bracelet fits (my mom likes to wear hers to where they practically slip over her hand and I like mine much tighter so they don't bang into my keyboard at work) and the chain totally solves that issue for any customer - just hook it where YOU like it.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I love these bracelets and I have started to add chain or extra jump rings to the end of bracelets because of my mom who has a larger wrist.
Fern is the perfect name for a hedgie, lol.
I am so excited to have won the toggle and I cannot wait for my order of new beads to arrive!
Shannon C
ps: have a great show!!!

Elizabeth said...

Loving your colors and themes.

Rosanne said...

I sure would love to be poking around your booth at that show. I bet it would be over whelming. all those great things!

Alice said...

Who could resist these sweet little woodland critters? Adorable!