February 16, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - Fiction vs. Reality

Welcome to Bead Table Wednesday.

Check out my clean desk - aren't you totally impressed? I mean look, you can see the bottom of my bead tray! I worked so hard on it, hours I tell you hours.

What, wait...don't pan the camera up.  No stop! 

Ah, yeah I may have just pushed everything to one side.  Is that the equivalent of shoving everything under the bed when we were kids?  Actually the clean portion of the desk was for the last photo I needed for the book - my tools.  So to fool everyone who doesn't read this blog into thinking I'm this nice, neat organized beader I staged the photo.  Please don't tell the rest of them, they will find out soon enough!

And what is really on my bead table today - orders, orders and more orders getting ready to be shipped to my very patient customers.  Goodness how I love them!

So dear friends, what's on your bead table today?

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mairedodd said...

don't feel bad - i could even get 4 square inches uncluttered!

Sissy and Jack's said...

As you can see from my BTW post on my blog and Flickr my space is a mess!!



Alice said...

What's on my bead table??? Things that have nothing to do with beading. Bills, volunteer projects, to-do lists and more. I'm hopeless!

TesoriTrovati said...

I have been absent from my table for weeks, whiling away hours in front of the computer (indidious machine). I got back there yesterday and found that my piles must have mated and mutated and grown! There was not even space to put a bead board there! I know you and you can't fool me. Good photos like that only hint at what is just off camera...sometimes the more interesting images, like yours!
Enjoy the day, friend!

My Life Under the Bus said...

hahaha - don't pan the camera here either cause I am sitting here in my pajamas and coloring my hair! LOL - I am NOT doing closups ( of myself) today : ) Happy Wednesday Heather!

CraftyHope said...

Hahaha!!! LOVE IT!

I;m about to go snap some pics of my bead table. However, I don't think there's much on it but debris since I finished up a few projects yesterday. Oh well. It is what it is.

Thanks for sharing yours.

Genea said...

Congrats on the clean desk! I must admit I did some cleaning up of my desk since I knew today is btw!

The me from 2 years ago would have been appalled at the state of my desk! I have learned to leave it messier because I find that something from one pile ends up going amazing with something from my bead box sitting on the table :)

Off to go post to btw!

Malin de Koning said...

Heather, I don't care if your table is messy. Just keep all your absolutely wonderful beads coming, I am pleased. And all the rest of your inspiring stuff you are doing. Like running the Art Bead Scene, starting this group BTW, writing wonderful blog posts and more and more and more ...

Elisabeth said...

Loved your post - my desk is often the same :-) No BTW from me this week - we are enjoying some time off skiing - I'll be back next week :-)

French Elegant Jewelry said...

My desk is never clean and I don't even have the excuse of orders. Wish that was my excuse.

lucia said...

first,heather, i don't know where to thank you for including a free bead with my last,teeny order! sooooo:xoxo
then: i'm 61 and still haven't had an organized day in my life so what are my chances? instead i'm enjoying everything as much as i can...i don't care about being neat and i don't care that i don't care!! i'm looking at retirement and remarriage in the next few months and will wile away my days in creativeness, with no parameters...i feel so fortunate and grateful...i loved your recent post about jeff and your art futures together...that's love, honey, and you will be rewarded! god bless! lucia