February 5, 2011

Finding Time to Create

Are you finding that you don't have the time to create or just feel like your inspiration has run dry?  I go through those times too and thought I'd share a few tips with you.

1. Schedule time to play - I know this may seem strange - schedule time for creativity.  You can't force inspiration to strike but if find the time to show up, you might find that inspiration is soon to follow.  Pick a day this month or once a week and say these four hours (or however many you can spare) are mine to have fun and play.  That's what I did with the Bead of Month Club - I gave myself one day a month to experiment and explore.  And the result was not only the BOM bead but a whole new line of spring-inspired creations.

2. Unplug - This is hard for me, but necessary if I am feeling really stressed and want to tap into my inner muse.  Go ahead - turn off the computer and Ipod, don't check your email for a day. I promise the world will not fall apart.  Sit down at your table, turn on your favorite music and let your hands go to work.  If you have a creative block, pull out an art or beading book or go for a walk.  But then go back to your work table. Or work on a mindless task for a for minutes until you feel warmed up - for me that is mixing colors.

3. Sleep - Seriously you feel more creative if you are rested.  I'm so guilty of not getting enough sleep.  But when I do, my mind is creatively solving problems and feeling all fired up to work on new designs. 

4. Chill out - Are you in a constant state of panic, putting out one fire after another or feeling overrun by your to-do list?  Ha - I just describe myself.  On these days there is not a creative bone in my body.  The cure?  Relax for crying out loud.  We don't have to be constantly stressed or under the gun of a deadline to produce amazing things.  Make a daily habit of meditating, going for a nature walk or praying.  All good for the soul and for feeding your creative muse.

Other suggestions for finding more time:
  • Skip watching TV.
  • Schedule a creative play day with a friend.
  • Delegate household chores.
  • Work with your spouse and set up a Daddy's Day Out with the munchkins. Use that time to play and for nothing else!
  • Consolidate your errands - bunch up your errands so that you aren't constantly running around.
Do you have any tips for finding more time in your day?  I'd love to hear them!


Bead-Mused said...

Love the post! Tips for finding more time? I'm searching for them, but don't have any! Does working on a time machine qualify??

lynsey said...

fantastic post. It really spoke to me as i recently posted about the same thing. In September i started college as a mature student, and my beading time went down to zero, as Christmas came around i was swamped with college and work, and i thought i would go mad. So i decided to make time to bead. So now i have at least one designated play day a week, but there is a strict stipulation, i have to complete my college work for the week to a point where i can have a day off. If i work really hard i get both weekend days to play. It's great on two levels, 1) it gives me motivation to complete my work and 2) it means i dont go insane from lack of beading. It means i'm much happier now

Malin de Koning said...

I wasn't able to read the post at first coz I was just staring and drooling over the pictures of the BeadOfTheMonthClub's item. How gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

Great post with good tips! I watch very little TV myself, so WHEN I do I actually get inspiration. Saw another episode from the Mad Men DVD's tonight. I also find the unplugging hard. But sometimes I decide to turn it all off and I just listen to a podcast from "HowStufffWorks" or some Swedish radio show. Has to be fairly scientific for my liking. It is very relaxing to listen and create at the same time, and it is good I believe to have your brain working on two levels at ones.

So beautifully packeted also. Oooooohhhhhhh - excitement!!!!

Lois Moon said...

Great ideas and a beautiful bead this month.

My tip - order out or make a dinner you can eat two nights in a row! I usually cook every night from ingredients. Chopping, sweating veggies, and all that stuff takes time. While I enjoy cooking, it eats away at the few hours I have after work. It is amazing how much time I get from making a big batch of chili or a lasagna. I have also given myself permission to order out once during the week and to tell my hubby we are having sandwiches for dinner. He cooks, but not well and not often. He handles weekend breakfasts and lunches.

Jenny said...

Thank you for that. The timing was oh-so-apropos. If we dont refill the well, we will stay empty and depleted...

( I was at a Girls Beading Nite with friends last nite, and we were discussing our busy/hectic/challenges...)