February 24, 2011

Delicate Dreams

Hold your dreams close and protect them,
Like a watchful meadowlark over her nest.
Each egg - the whisper of a promise.
Each hope - a sweet song in your heart.

Meadowlark pendants are now in my Etsy shop.

Tell me one crazy hope or dream you have
One that you laugh even thinking of it being possible. 
I can feel mine, on the edge of a shell. 
Delicate and teetering, but close enough to touch.

We want to move back home to Michigan.
We want to open a little art bead shop/jewelry/art gallery.

Plans are in motion, it's hard to be patient.  It's hard to wait for the right time for things.
It's hard not to rush ahead and to count eggs before they hatch.

Talk to me today, share your dreams. Share the dreams that have come true and the dreams you have tucked away.  I need to hear your stories.

(Nest Photo credit: MichealCobbAllen via the creative commons on Flickr and altered by me.)


Alice said...

What a wonderful dream! I think it would be a lot of work, but also fun and fullfilling.

I've had many dreams along the way; to own a B&B, to become a good cook, to own a bakery....and more. All of these have faded away, but the one that remains tucked away in my mind is to fix up a huge barn and sell things I've found in my travels. Of course that means I would have to travel, and somehow find a barn, and have the know-how to fix it up. A silly dream, since I don't have the resources for any of these requirements.

I'll be rooting for you and your dream!

Malin de Koning said...

Always great music Heather! Thanks for sharing.

Crazy hopes and dreams I have all the time.I don't know what my current one would be though. Maybe just my life as it is already pretty much, but every detail improved. I wish to be able to work more, to be better at jewellery making, doing more things with my children, more excursions, going to a concert with Mark, make all the improvements on our house that I dream of, travels. I'll have to think a bit more. I guess I am pretty pleased with the general set-up of my life as it is. And that's nice of course.

Your dream sounds great. Of course you will end up having that shop-gallery. In Michigan.

Thanks for yet another amazing post.

peacockfairy said...

Oh my gosh - how wonderful it would be to have you back here in Michigan!

My dream is to leave the corporate world so that I can create full time.

Beverly Herman said...

My dream is to move closer to my family. It may not be Michigan but I would settle for Ohio or Kentucky. I believe your dreams will come true.

TesoriTrovati said...

I do believe that the first step to realizing your dreams, no matter how outrageous, is to voice them. Now the Universe will come to your side like the wisp of a wind and bring along the circumstances to make that dream come true with all the hard work that I know you are willing to put into it!
My dream as a child was to sing on Broadway. The closest I got was the lead in a musical in our local community theater. But you know where my dreams are pointing me. They are just hazy right now.
Onward and upward Miss Heather! Let's make it happen!
Enjoy the day!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

What a wonderful thing - to own a shop in Michigan!
Our dream is some day own a small gallery downtown. We would like to have a place for us to work and a gallery space for our stuff and local artists creations to sell. For now it is just keeping our nose to the grindstone and work on new and intersting pieces.

lisbonlioness said...

I want to live in a house from the Elizabethan era (there are quite a few left!) and have sufficient funds to furnish it with things that make me happy. No straight wall, no even floor, draft, creaking floorboards and all.
And since this is my dream, I have enough money left to have a HUGE piece of land surrounding my house so I can give a home to lorryloads of animals that nobody wants or cares for. And when I'm gone, I have made enough friends to make sure the legacy remains and all my furbabies (and featherbabies and scalebabies... you get the picture!) are looked after forever.
And I am totally going to take my Mum to Iceland one day. We always adored those Icelandic ponies, and I want her to see them, and I want to see her face when she does.

Jenni C said...

I have wanted to go to Italy, particularly Venice, for ever! That is about to come true NEXT Friday.
I would also like to move to the country in a house surrounded by a verandah and where there is only the sounds of birds to wake me in the morning. That one may have to wait a little longer...

somethingunique said...

I am very new to blogging & am so glad i found a group of such creative & inspirational people, it could not have come at a better time in my life as i have been in not such a good place.i look foward everyday to the spiritual & creative sharings of all of you thank-you Lana

Marian Hertzog said...

What a place to go... what do I dream of... it is almost a scary place to go because I have to make some choices if I really want to go there! I guess what I dream of doing and what I am willing to do to get there have to match up. One dream that probably won't happen would be to live near enough to a body of water that I could sit out on my porch and enjoy watching the wildlife that would visit! So nice to think about anyway!

Courtney said...

Sending you loads of good thoughts on moving back to Michigan. Sounds so very wonderful.

A house with a wrap around porch on the beach! :) Be able to not have to work in the corporate world, to be able to create all the time and be with my family.

Happy Friday.

lunedreams said...

I can only imagine your creativity and aesthetic unleashed on a shop/gallery. What an awesome place that would be!!! I would want to visit.

I want to live in the desert in an adobe hacienda with cacti in a center courtyard and have a living room in the backyard. With more cacti. And a studio with a flagstone floor where I can work in bare feet year round making awesome metal jewelry things.

Heather said...

It is so good to dream. My dreams are pretty simple and for the most part I am living my dream. When I was teaching full time every year we had to confess our goal for the year at the first teacher meeting in August. After about 6 years my goal became " To Have a Life after school" for the remaining 7 years that I taught. I had to quit teaching to get that life but I do have it now. I would like to make more money doing what I love but I am doing what I love and surviving. Do I dare ask for more than that? We will see. Exciting things are happening that will bring more light my way. My husband would be so happy if my business took off. Pressure off him... that would make me even more happy too.