February 6, 2011

Picnik Photo Tutorial Part 2

First, if you missed the Rounded Photo Corners tutorial, check that out for some basic instructions on using Picnik. 

Today I'm going to show you a few more tricks for adding some life and interest to your photos. 

After you upload your photo to Picnik and resize it, head to the 'Create' tab.  Click on  'Effects' on the top tab and on the left hand-side of the screen you'll find some fun filters to try on your images.  Each one does something different - play around to see what filter will give the desired effect. If you don't like a filter, simply discard the changes before saving.

The Original Photo

Lomo-ish filter with rounded corners

1960's and Lomo-ish with rounded corners
You can combine filters for unique effects.  You might want to jot down what effects you use on a photo so you can duplicate the same style on other photos.

Gritty with rounded corners

Cinemascope without the letterbox and rounded corners

Same photo as above with the Cross Processed filter added.

Each filter has a different feel and tells a different story.  Altered photos can help you tell a better story on your blog.  In the 'gritty' photo I could see that paired up with a story about dealing with creativity doldrums during a long cold winter, where the '1960's/Lomo-ish' photo could accompany a blog post about nostalgia and creativity.
Do you Picnik?  What are some of your favorite tricks?


TesoriTrovati said...

Okay. Are these free on Picknic? Or do I have these too? Really cool! Stay warm in San Antonio. Did you have to dig out this morning? Enjoy the day!

Jen V. said...

I would Picnik every day if I could!!!! Love all these filters...and more. My fave is the one that makes a kaleidoscope-y effect. Of course, that's after I try about seven other things. It's like a jewelry project...I tend to overdo it. haaaaaaaaa

Heather said...

I have Adobe Elements but these look like fun and are a little more subtle. Thanks again for sharing the fun!!

Leslie Gidden said...

I LOVE Picnik! My favorite is in the Advanced Tab under Curves....I LOVE the Polaroid! And the Dramatic Sepia! And the Regala. And the....oh, just ALL of them! LOVE! My Flickr account shows more new photographs than new jewelry....uh oh! :)

Courtney said...

It is so funny that you posted this! I spend about an hour or so yesterday playing on Picnik! The options are unlimited!!!

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

I love the different filters! I've played around with Picnik too, but am learning Photoshop right now. I'm going to file this handy-dandy tutorial away for later! Thanks Heather!

mairedodd said...

i am such a fan of picnik - you are so right - the filters help to set the stage for what you wish to express... my favs? hdr-ish and lomo-ish... thank you for sharing this... have been meaning to do so...