February 4, 2012

Grand Rapids Trunk Show

Hello everyone.  I've missed the ol' blog and I'm happy to be a in place where I can be creative again and we are getting back to normal around here.  There is a lot that has been happening and tons of fun things on the horizon, so I'll just jump in with what's going on next weekend. 

I will be returning to Bead Quest in Grand Rapids for a Spring Trunk Show.  I've created some fun new beads in the last few weeks.  Above you can see some new hearts and variations on older designs.  I've also been making tiny houses that I'm pretty excited about.

The trunk show is February 11th from 10 am - 5 pm.  If you are in the West Michigan area please stop out and say hello. 

I will have a little gift for blog readers at the show if you tell me you read about it on my blog!

This was my display at last weekend's trunk show at La Bead, Oh! in Springfield, IL.

I'm also teaching my Sundry Bracelet class from 1-4pm. 

There are still spaces in the class and you can register here.

What is a sundry? A sundry is a small, miscellaneous collection of items and that is what I've collected for the luscious fringe on each of these bracelets.  I've used Czech glass, crystals, stones and pearls to create playful beaded clusters that compliment my handcrafted disk beads, also in a sundry of patterns.

The bracelets look complex, but they are actually quite easy to make.  If you can sew a button, you could make one too!  I promise.  In the class we will also make a fun and versatile wire clasp and I throw in a little color theory for beaders too.

Bead Quest has been doing a smashing job of promoting the trunk show.  I'm looking forward to meeting more Michigan beaders next weekend.  (Above, my display in the store!)

What does Bead Quest have in their shop?  They do these great monochromatic displays along the wall with Czech glass and seed beads.  They have chain and cording in all sorts of yummy colors and patterns. 

Pearls and gemstones along with wire and metal working supplies and tools.

And all sorts of fun finds around the counter, like art beads, filigree, crystals and these lucite flowers caught my eye yesterday.

So that is where we will start back with blogging for today - always love a fun trunk show and the chance to partner with a local bead store!


Gina Chalfant said...

Everything looks so beautiful Heather, wish I could be there. Those new beads are wonderful. Best of luck!

quickcer said...

Love the new creations. I hope you have a fun weekend. Wish I could be there.

Alice said...

Oh dear, I'm nearly in a swoon from seeing all your lovely pieces and those bead at Bead Quest!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rebekah said...

Welcome back Heather! Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you. It's so nice to see you blogging again! :-)

Love your new bracelets! I sure wish I were nearby... Have fun with your trunk show!

Marie Cramp said...

I need to come see you at a show one of these days! What fun it would be to see all your beads in all their glory laid out in their little trays :) *SIGH*

Have fun tomorrow!

R said...

This makes me wish I lived anywhere close enough to visit the show.

Terri said...

So glad things are getting back to normal, especially with the Bead Cruise just around the corner!

I've been drooling over beads I've had peeks of lately in some of you photos- long beads in the William Morris trellis design, the rainbow colored butterfly, etc. I'm hoping they will be posted somewhere for sale soon.

And now you've got me curious about the beads I HAVENT seen!

Alice said...

I just can't wait until you come to Stony Creek Bead and Gallery- I love your blog, your stuff and can not wait to meet you in person!
Alice's Beads and Baubles

Alice said...

I just can't wait until you come to Stony Creek Bead and Gallery- I love your blog, your stuff and can not wait to meet you in person!
Alice's Beads and Baubles