February 19, 2012


I love that living in Michigan brings out the optimist in people.  No matter how deary the skies may look, just a quick walk through the stores will tell you that everyone is planning for spring to arrive.  I love folks that pull out their farmer's almanac in the dead of winter as they make their spring gardening plans. The front of grocery stores are stocked with potted flowers, daffodils and tulips - just egging the warm weather to hurry up. Those faithful gardening folks are planting seeds that will be kept on little shelves. Those tiny pots will wait for the ground to unfreeze and the danger of frost to slip away with the memories of winter.

In case you need a little beady spring inspiration - check out my Etsy shop for these new beads and more!


Meena said...

love those beads! by the way, i'm a follower, and hope someday you'll be mine too!


ladynoble said...

I always forget how much I love Spring until it comes around!