March 9, 2008

Bead Cruise Blues

What? Only one course meals? No one is making up my room twice a day? No elaborately folded towel animals? There isn't a room full of fun beady women to hang out with every day? No spa treatments or hot tubs? No exotic beaches to lounge on? I wish the Bead Cruise could last for weeks!

This year was so much fun! I had the best instructors, I just loved Eni, Marcia and Rachel. So much talent! We had the best group to travel with, the women this year were so sweet, enthusiastic and made the cruise a pure joy. It was worth every ounce of effort I put into it through the year.

The necklace above was the cover for this year's Bead Cruise Program. I titled it The Key to Davy Jones Locker. The key is from The Venerable Bead's etsy shop. The Boro glass from Sonoran Beads and then I have one of my wafers and a few disk beads. All on some inexpensive chains from Micheal's. You have to love your local craft store for a little last minute inspiration!

I am glad to be home, back to work and making new beads. I have new ideas rolling around in the ocean of my mind like it's high tide!

More cruise pictures to follow soon.


Fab Fibers said...

Oh Heather, I know exactly what you are saying! Only I'm really sad cause I wake up and instead of softly rolling waves in shades of blue and green, I have piles of crappy snow and grey clouds when I look out my window. I wondered how this cruise could be any better than the first one, but it was by far and away, the best one yet. How are you gonna top it for us next year? Only one's happy that I am back are Bailey and Geary! I'm going to my happy place now....;^)

Lorelei said...

Welcome home!
This necklace looks rad, by the way! Love the Key!! :)

Tari of claybuttons said...

Happy Birthday ABS!!!