March 16, 2008

Bead Cruise Review

This year the Bead Cruise was so enjoyable. I feel like I'm getting the hang of putting together the events. We had a few problems with the meeting space & lighting, but that was a matter that Royal Caribbean failed to deliver on and was out of my control. Other than that, the cruise was perfect. This was the first time I had a few moments to bead while on the Bead Cruise, imagine that! I even took one of the classes.

I was having too much fun to take photos. All my pictures seem to be from the Turtle Farm! So I'm borrowing some from Rosanne's Flickr Album...she was much more of a shutterbug than me.

Okay, so every Bead Cruise starts out with our awesome gift bags donated from our sponsors. This year Ornamentea provided us with artsy tote bags to fill up. Along with many other beady goodies, we had 7 art beads in each bag!

I loved our instructors. Each one is a fabulous designer who is generous with their students, all had rave reviews. They are wonderful, professional women that I had the honor of working with over the year.

The group we traveled with this year was so much fun. I loved each time we would get together and like little peacocks, we strutted around admiring each others beaded creations. You could always spot the Bead Cruise group, we were the ones decked out in the fabulous jewelry.

Anne Kinter was working on a beaded wall hanging of the Mona Lisa. I was IMPRESSED. I hope she blogs about it. hint, hint!

The students enjoyed their classes, some were even able to finish their projects before the cruise was over. Everyone was sporting their Siren's Song necklaces, I was so proud of them! My beadmaking class had wonderful results, again with me and no photos. Everyone's beads were great and of course I love when students experiment and come up with unexpected results.
Our evenings were filled with beads, friends and all the entertainment onboard the ship. That included parades on the promenade, dancing on deck, midnight buffets, treatments at the spa, all dressed up for formal night, a cocktail party under the stars, late night beading and we were even sung to by Maria, one of our lively cruisers!

We went to Jamaica and experienced a little local flavor. We spent the day in Grand Cayman. We did a tour of Hell, (where they sell bottled water by the way) the turtle farm and swimming with the sting rays. The sting rays were beautiful and terrifying at the same time. You can see that by the look on my face!
Bead Cruise 2008 was the best time ever, it always goes by too quickly. I'm working on the details for our next adventure and I'm even considering doing a second Bead Cruise that has a little twist. I'll share more when I can!
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