March 19, 2008

Mission: Studio Makeover

Okay so where are a camera crew and design team, who can do makeovers in a weekend, when you need them? Sheesh. My studio looks like a tropical storm blew through, well one did, called the Bead Cruise and it's aftermath. I've just been rushing through orders and tasks, beads everywhere, papers stacked in every corner, tables piled high with layers that would resemble an archaeological dig.

So the orders are caught up, the bead inventory is looking good. I have one big assignment that is due tomorrow. (the sketches to my first picture book!) So I'm starring down the rest of the week with 2 kids (4 extra hands) on spring break and thinking, it's time to update, clean out and redecorate my studio!

I don't know if I mentioned here, but when I went to NY, I won the Tomie dePaola Portfolio award at the winter conference for the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. The prize was $1000 gift certificate to Dick Blick, which I have been happily spending. But all my supplies are in boxes, because I have no place to put them! And I have another shipment of goodies arriving tomorrow.

The mission:
Clean out and sort
Rearrange furniture - 4 tables and 4 bookshelves
Create an environment that inspires me

Some inspiration for the task:
Teesha Moore - coolest art studio ever
A flickr group devoted to the cause
An ebook if you are totally lost
An article - organize your studio better

My studio, once upon a time. Actually this is what it looked like when HGTV came to shoot my episode of That's Clever. It doesn't look like this today!

Have you blogged about a workspace makeover? Share the links in the comments section, so I know I can survive this Herculean task!

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Libby said...

There must be something about studios in the air. I just put out a Call for Entries for a feature I'd like to do on my blog showcasing other artists' studios. It's so much fun to peek at other people's creative spaces.

I'll have my first "Studio Snapshot" up next week: