March 18, 2008

Wafer Madness?

What a perfect way to showcase a wafer bead! This ring is designed by Ann Westby.

On the Bead Cruise everyone received one wafer bead in their gift bags, I would love to see how other artists use this unusual bead. I'll have new wafers coming out soon in olive, copper, purple and periwinkle.

How would you use a wafer beads? Leave a comment on how you would use a wafer bead and at the end of the week I'll draw a random winner for a set of wafer beads in one of the new colors!


No Easy Beads said...

I am going bead a poyete bezel around the outside of my wafter bead and have pearls spilling out through the center hole to create a pendant.

Nancy Moore said...

I will use the wafer bead as a focal in a free-form peyote bracelet and place Thai silver components with a pearl out of the top of the wafer bead.

Nancy Moore

Lorelei said...

I'm all about buttons in my designs lately, so I would treat it like a button and use it as the clasp on a bracelet!
*pick me pick me pick meeeeeeeeee!
Fingers and toes are crossed!

Heather Powers said...

all great ideas! I'd like to do the freeform peyote one too. oh, so little time to bead...please let me live vicariously through you!

Anonymous said...

I'm into making purses, so I'd use a wafer bead as a clasp to close the purse top. Used on fabric that would accent the beads beauty!

Fab Fibers said...

I thought and thought, and here is what I'm gonna do. I have another bead from Elaine Ray that was in my bag, matches the blue in my wafer. Gonna add some more treasure stuff and see what happens. It will be a great necklace.