July 9, 2008

Fresh and Toasty?

Q: If you were a kitchen appliance, what you be and why?

A: A toaster, because I'm quiet and unassuming, always popping up with good ideas and I get the job done!

5 days until vacation, but who is counting...me! Pictured are various new designs I've been working on for upcoming publications. One of my goals is to be in more magazines, like at least one a month next year.

I treated myself to a heaping helping of Vintaj brass via Bello Modo last month and have been loving using them in my jewelry. Truth be told, I'm just having fun making jewelry too. I started off first as a jewelry designer 15 years ago and I've been making lots of extra beads for my own stash when I sit down to create.

In my studio I have one table dedicated to jewelry-making. I never put anything away and when the mood strikes I work up a new design in between making beads. Hmm, maybe I'll pack up a project to work on while I'm enjoying my time off.


new accessories said...
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belvedere beads said...

i suppose that i am the old blender, but i aspire to being the glamorous, party girl of the kitchen - the ice cream scoop.