July 28, 2008

ancient owls and sea urchins

Okay, so I couldn't go my whole vacation without making a bead. Rosanne is a terrible enabler. She brought over her sculpey mold-making clay and an ancient Greek coin. We then raided my Grandma's antique & vintage spoon collection for more inspiration. After we made the molds we panicked and ran to Walmart to pick up some clay, who can stand to have molds and not make beads? So this owl is a prototype. The final ones will have a different surface treatment, since my regular paints are in Texas, just waiting for me. The owl coin is dated from 200 B.C. I'll have to copy down the info from her certificate on the lore and details of the coin.

And huh, I didn't bring anything to make jewelry and yet, I managed to make a necklace. This one is some of our treasures from Tradewinds Bead Store and the little bead shop downtown.
The long beads are real sea urchin spines, rockin'! Then we have wood beads, faux sea glass, a lampwork bead, moscuvite and bronze seed beads and of course, the focal is my sea urchin.Here we have Rosanne and Baby J raiding the beads. They were quite funny to watch. Rosanne would put one in the box and Baby J would pick it up and put it in another spot. Each bead got an excited "yum" from both of them. I should have video taped it!

Looking forward to another fun day. We ARE going on the tall ship today, we were gifted with tickets. Can't wait! And tonight my little bro and I are heading to the movies with the Aunties. Only 3 days left, trying not to think about it and squeeze out every moment I can!


Joan Tucker and Lana Weed said...

Hi, That coin is Athena's symbol-the owl. We have used the coin we have as a mold to make porcelain coins for our "Antiquities" series; we also use Roman and Babylonian artifacts to make "retro" pieces.Check out our necklace in Nov. Step by Step magazine for an example of using the ancient theme in a necklace. So much fun and so unique. Have fun with athena; I will add some antiquities pieces to the gift bead package for ABS July winner.
Hope your summer continues to be great!! Joan Tucker Off Center Productions

Lorelei said...

Hi Heather!
You know I LOVE THE OWL! I can't wait to see the new beads!
Great necklace too by the way! I love the urchin spines! So unexpected and fun!

No Easy Beads said...

I remeber that coin. I shall have to find my coin collection and see if there is something of interest you might want to make a mold with,
I love the Owl pendant. Can you hear your Mom begging for one!!
How was the ship ride? I bet it was the best. Can't wait to talk with. Love Mom-noeasybeads.com

LiisaAnn said...

Hi! That owl pendant is so super cool. I love it! 200 B.C. amazing. I love the necklace you made, it is gorgeous. I can't wait to see your new beads too.