July 12, 2008

Love and Marriage

My girls and I look at each other this morning and in unison say "2 more days!" followed by a round of overly excited squeals! Did I mention the reason I'm heading home is because my sister is getting married? Which has me thinking a lot about marriage these days and in particular mine.

When I was a little girl my mom made a comment about a couple that we saw at the beach one time. Something about how they were best friends and that is why they were so happy together. That always stuck with me.

Jess is without a doubt my best friend. He so gets me, my humor, my ambition, my creativity, my spirituality. He accepts my faults and there are many! I try to do the same for him, offering grace where there is disappoint. Unconditional love when there was been mistakes. Remembering our carefree youthful days when life is wearing heavily.

"Love covers a multitude of sins." This year has been very trying. The job market that Jess worked in for 12 years has dramatically changed and he has had a hard time finding a new job. Thank goodness for my business! But it's stressful not having a steady paycheck and it's easy to let that stress get in the way of enjoying life.

But life is short and no matter what, each day should be filled with love, grace and joy. Sometimes when I hear Jess joking and laughing with our girls or my youngest daughter is gleefully packing to go to the pool with him in the afternoon I stop to think, those are the memories I want my girls to have of their dad. Not that he was gone working all the time or that he was just a paycheck.

So while we figure out this next phase in our life together, I'm glad we are in it together. I couldn't imagine life without that guy!

(The necklace is a gift that Jess made me, he always has just the right words!)


No Easy Beads said...

Heather you and Jess are blessed!
Your mom is so sappy she cried when she read this post.
I love the necklace Jess made for you.

Gaea said...

What a touching and lovely post! Your family, and you are so lucky which I am sure you know, sounds so connected and together. How wonderful! Thanks for the lovely reminder to honor each other even when the road is rough! XO

Fab Fibers said...

Well give that boy a smooch for me!

angelinabeadalina said...

What a sweet gift for you. How beautiful to have this kind of connection with another human being.

LLYYNN said...

The words and images are so poignant and human, full of the real and the emotions of spending time with a well-loved partner.

And I like the clasp, too! LOL

Jean Hutter said...

Heather, thanks for this post - I needed to read this right now at this point in my life. Great inspiration and something for me to think about.

I LOVE the bracelet too - you are blessed!!

Shorty said...

It's nice to know that there is still marriages out there lasting and lasting well. It is very encouraging to me to hear that. Congrats. :D