July 2, 2008

New Beads

Oh, I'm always running late. I swear I'm related to this guy:
In between orders and baking beads, I've managed to get some of the new goodies photographed and listed. I have more coming later this week. Really pretty teal/green dandelion beads and some new Klimt beads are on the table awaiting my magic before they are transformed from little lumps of clay into Humblebeads. Here are the ones just listed:

A square tiger lily bead, the other side has the dandelion design. These are a new fav!

I was playing around with some smaller sets of spacer beads last week and came up with a few to share. I decided to pair them up with some matching beads. This is the Floral Trio.

And here we have a punchy poppy set. These polka dot beads remind me of little mushrooms. Hmm, suddenly the Smurf theme song is running through my head! I also have the little spacers on their own too. Tiny humblebeads, you gotta love 'em!

And thrown into the mix, a pair of summery earrings in bronze and raspberry. Speaking of summer, "Summer Vacation" is the new Art Bead Scene challenge theme. We are giving away $100 in art beads, so check it out! Back to the bead table...

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Lorelei said...

All the new beads are beautiful! Love the rich colors!