July 25, 2009

A Fleeting Moment

Resin experiments:

One of my favorite days from my vacation, spent with dear Melanie and Rosanne - two very creative peeps. Rosanne had a copy machine and vellum, and I had old botanical books, a great combination for altered art/collage inspiration! Jess from Vintaj had sent me some wonderful samples to create bezels. Melanie torched them, we dapped, stamped, hammered and then filled until our hearts were content.

My series of pendants were inspired by summer's fleeting moments: the play of waves on a shore, dandelions blowing, a bird's song. I'm waiting for some more ICE resin from Bello Modo to add a second layer to a few of the pendants and will show them next week.

Metal Etching:
Here are few samples from our metal etching days. We made a video review that I will edit soon and share. I LOVE ETCHING!!! I have a pile of etched bezels to fill with polymer clay and will have those done for next week. The copper ones we cut the metal and did the etching.

The brass ones were Vintaj brass blanks. I don't think one can have enough of these in stock. After I get back from LA I'm going to order some of the etching solution and have a creative day with Jess. I know he'd enjoy this process. It reminds me of my old printmaking studio days, so much fun!
You can find these and more in my etsy shop.


mairedodd said...

everything is gorgeous! i have some of those vintaj blanks but never dreamed that could be done with them... they are truly incredible... have to check your shop...

Mari Aparicio said...

OMG, love them all!! Heather is the pieces reflects all the fun and the beautifull spent with your family, friends and girls during your vacation, then I guess it must have been the best of times!!!

Jeannie said...

What is it about metal that we all swoon over? These are beautifully done. I need more practice with mine. I did some alcohol inks on mine and they turned out great. If you make a mistake with alcohol you can just wipe it off with alcohol. Metal etching, not so much.
Welcome back Heather.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Lovely pieces Heather as always! The metal etching is just beautiful - what a great technique to add to your arsenal and enhance your work.


Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Really just fantastic! It looks like you had a super productive play session!

TesoriTrovati said...

You are making me want to jump into etching again! I took that class at B&B but I am still not sure of the chemicals. I am anxiously looking forward to your video! I do have a few that turned out and I need to use them in something good. I also did some stamping after the etching which adds another cool layer. I just wish that I could play all day with this stuff. You are one lucky, lucky girl, Heather!
Enjoy the day, my friend...and welcome back!

Joella said...

I'm hooked...love your work and love your blog! I am now a follower of Humblebeads:)