February 9, 2010

Faux Patina Pendants

On the Bead Cruise each instructor had a 30 minute session during our evening events.  There were demos, lectures and two make-and-takes.  Bello Modo did a UV resin project provided by TierraCast.

I did a make-and-take using Vintaj altered blanks to create faux patina pendants.

Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers (Stream, Juniper, Lettuce and Pebble)

1. Dab on the paint lightly, wipe the excess with a tissue.  You can wait for this coat to dry or dab on another one for a mixed paint effect.

2. Stamp with StazOn ink pad and rubber stamp.

3. After the pendant is completely dry, use a tissue to wipe on a thin coat of wax.  Let dry completely.  If you don't have wax you could use Matte Spray.

This example was domed first with a dapping block and punch.  Use an unmounted rubber stamp for domed pieces.

Use can use domed pieces turned over as a bezel cup for trinkets and resin. 
1. Paint.  2. Stamp. 3. Add resin, 1/2 way.  Cure.  4. Add trinkets and more resin.  Cure again.

Egg beads can be found in my etsy shop.  Read all about the silk ribbon used on this pendant on the Art Bead Scene today.

And my mom happened to catch part of the demo on her Flip video camera:

Part 1. Here is the link, in case you can't see the video.

Part 2. And the link.


Kelly Light said...

those pendants are stunning!!! I'm off on a Disney cruise- but it's not like I'm gonna be drawing with other Disney artists! Your cruise looks like such a great atmosphere- all sharing the same passion!

TesoriTrovati said...

That seals it! I am going out to buy some of those Adirondack dabbers right away (okay, as soon as Michael's has a coupon I can use!). Those are just so great. I have used the metallic paint (from Ranger? Adirondack?) to great success on the blanks as well. Adds a nice sheen. Thanks for sharing, Heather! Enjoy the day! Erin

Michelle said...

Thanks for the lovely pendant pics. I've just purchased some of the dabbers...and have yet to play with them. I have been hooked on the alcohol inks though on the blanks! FUN!
Bead Happy!

Heather Powers said...

Kelly, my first cruise was an SCBWI cruise that some Texas folks put together. It was way too much fun and I always think if I could clone myself I'd do writer & illustrator cruises too!

Have fun with those dabbers Michelle. I just discovered them not to long ago and love them.

I like how you use the metallic paints Erin. I was just looking at my swap bracelet with the resin charm and noticed how nice the color over the stamped letters looked.

Judy said...

When I saw the picture I could not wait to read your blog. The bird pendant is so charming!...and the faux finish is all done with paint...amazing! Love all of them!

Rosanne said...

How cool, I get to see your demo! That Flip is a handy little gadget.
I have some of the patina paints...I'm gonna have to pull them out and see what I can do. I still think of the cruise at least once a day.......dreaming!

Erin said...

Great demo video! I want to see more Heather! You are such a good teacher and you have the sweetest voice! I guess that's no surprise since you are sweet. I wanted to thank you for the most wonderful comments you left me on my blog before you left for the cruise. I've been thinking about what you said this whole time, I'm flattered. Thank you so much! :)

Gaea said...

It is so nice to see someone in action! You can read about it, but seeing it in motion is such a help! I wondered how those we're done! I've learned at least one new thing today! Thanks!

P.S. You are just lovely!

BeaderBubbe said...

A cruise! Beads! Doesnt get any better....

Jeani said...

Lovely pendants...
Cool color...