May 22, 2011

Bead & Button prep and new charms!

I have an ominous heavy metal tune nagging in the back of my head: "This is the final countdown..."
The piles of beads are growing - awesome.
They have holes drilled - sweet.
They are naked - what the heck!  I have some serious days of painting ahead.

This is only 1/2 of what I'm bringing to Bead & Button. I still have disk beads, birds & eggs, woodland creatures and clasps to finish.

What me - freaking out?  No way, I have 2 weeks left.  OH my lord - can we say denial?

Another bead inspired by my illustrations.  I actually have a children's book I've been working on with a bird character who loves beads.  You can see her below.

Some of you asked if I sell my artwork.  I do have a Zazzle shop, that print things on-demand.  You can get the images on t-shirts, bags, cards, magnets, etc. etc. etc.

You can find them here.

I have listed 8 new tiny charms in my shop - have a look!


Riki Schumacher said...

Too cool Heather, I have always wanted tonwrite a children's book. Love the sweet bead.

maryharding said...

I am in awe of how much you will get done in the next two weeks. I am sure you will have a great show at Bead and Button. Am thinking of you today with many thanks since I tried your wire nest bail tutorial early this morning. It came out just super. Thanks so much for posting it.

Ashleigh Becker said...

Are you selling wholesale at Bead & Button or just retail? Can't wait to see everything in person!

ladynoble said...

Seriously I love all of these new beads. Can't wait to check them out at B&B!!

lisbonlioness said...

were're heading for Venus... Way to go, Heather, you amaze me!

Claire Maunsell said...

Best of luck at the show! You have a lot to do, but even the unpainted work looks great! Hope you have some good audiobooks to speed you along, they save me!