May 13, 2011

Tropical Garden Pendant

Today, I wrote a post on the Art Bead Scene about pendants with links and decided to whip one up this afternoon.  This one has a new pendant that I had sitting on the bead table for awhile.  I'm cleaning up the studio today and ran across them.  I paired them with one of my favorite dogwood beads.  I love the dogwood beads so much, the flower came from my grandmother's antique spoon collection.

It's summer here, that means I like to wear light jewelry and long pendants.  This one hangs about 28" long.  I want to do some summer shows - I have very fond memories of doing summer art in the park shows with Jess when we were younger.  Outdoor shows are so hard and such a gamble.  My hats off to those brave crafters who pitch their tents, lay out their wares and plaster on a smile during those long, hot days.   

And hey, speaking of Jess - he has a blog now and he is quite funny.  Check it out here.


char said...

You always have such great pieces to work with. Beautiful projects, very inspirational.

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous and I *love* Jess' new blog. He's hilarious!