May 10, 2011

Designing with Toggle Clasps

I thought I'd share this design alternative to the project I have in the Beads 2011 issue. 

Both projects use my toggle clasp as the pendant.  This one features my Harvest toggle with amber glass teardrops, square smoky quartz beads and these cool square jump rings that I found at Hobby Lobby!  The chain is from Ornamentea.
The project in Beads 2011 features my toggle in mulberry.  You'll have to check out the issue to see the other project!  I love this magazine and eagerly await it to come out each year.  It's stuffed with new sources and tips.

A few tips for using toggles:
  • Add a tiny bit of chain to the bar end so that it will lay flat against the toggle. 
  • If you use beads on beading wire, they will rest funny under the clasp and it won't lay quite right.
  • Add the chain to the bar and pull it threw the toggle, pull the chain to see how much you'll need for the toggle to lay flat and attach to the first jump ring or bead on your necklace, trim the chain after you have the correct length.
  • Unless you create a long necklace, the toggle will rest at an angle so plan your design accordingly.
  • Bracelets with artist made toggles are a great way to dress up a design with just a little effort!


hint said...

Yum! Wow, I can't believe how the color changes everything about this piece. The one in the magazine was so delicate and feminine. This one feels fit for a queen!

TesoriTrovati said...

Lush is the word that comes to mind (the rich kind, not the drinking kind ;-) I love that the simple color shift really changes this piece. So versatile!
Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Those toggles are amazing!

Linda Landig said...

Thanks for the hints about how to make the toggle lie flat. That was helpful to me. I love this rich design!