May 3, 2011

Jump Rings & Wire Bails

A customer was asking about jump rings and bails for my pendants so I thought I would share some ideas with you today on a few variations. 

First, I recommend a 10-12mm jump ring in 18 gauge wire, they work the best with my pendants.  You can find them commercially made or you can take a few minutes and whip up your own with 18 gauge wire.  If you want to antique the jump rings do it before adding them to the pendants.  Use a good pair of flush cutters to cut straight edges on the jump rings.  You can use anything for a dowel for your jump rings. I often use makers or the handle of my exacto knife. (Blade removed!) There are also some handy jump ring making kits on the market. Here are directions from Jean Campbell on making your own jump rings.  They are so easy-peasy!

Next up is a simple wrapped loop wire bail with 18 gauge wire.  I wrapped it once and then wrapped the remaining wire to create the more free-form look seen here.

The exact same technique done with about 8" of 22 gauge wire wrapped over and over again.

Here is a simple version of my nest wire wrapped bail.  I used 24 gauge wire, pulled it through the hole 3 times and then did a little wrapping to secure the wires.

 And in case you missed this tutorial on the Art Bead Scene here is the Wire Nest Bail project.

So there you have a few options for attaching your art bead pendants to a beaded necklace, chain or ribbon.  Happy Creating!


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SueBeads said...

Thanks for all the hints, Heather!

Greer said...

Thank you Heather. Great tips, one of which I have already used. Think of you every time I look at it.

Annabel said...

Great tips!

Are you using those cutters that are pictured on the first photo to make jump rings? What are they?

Thank you so much!