October 7, 2012

Bare Branches Blog Hop Call

I thought this needed it's own post:

Bare Branches Blog Hop

To keep the fun going I've put together a special bead mix for the 10 lucky customers to purchase in my Etsy shop.  The bead mix includes the teal branch art beads that I sent in for my bead soup (see here) along with a surprise clasp and some yummy ingredients including pearls, stones, glass and crystals.  Create anything with your bead mix using all or some of the pieces, create one piece or several.  The only requirement is that one piece of jewelry includes one or more of the branch beads.

We'll have a Humblebeads Bare Branches Blog Hop on November 2nd. 

If you want to play along, click here to purchase your bead mix.


jhuelskamp said...

Love your etched teal beads. Thanks for playing!

Stepha said...

Your beads are very beautiful. Those are 10 lucky people..

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

I'm in! :)

LOVE your beads, love your co-creations in "Bead Soup" and so appreciate this post in the Bead Soup tour! Sharing how it all began and your creative spark is fun; what you give, create, and share as an artist is outstanding.

Reading your blog post from 2009 was awesome! I was also delighted with the comments on your '09 post -- what a group of artists there!

I just purchased the "Bare Branches Bead Soup Mix" and am looking forward to participating in the Humblebeads Bare Branches Blog Hop!


(Toltec Jewels)

Becky Pancake said...

Hi Heather, I just joined your hop. I have been admiring your beads for a long time. I can always pick your beads out of a piece of jewelry before reading the ingredients list. You have such a distinctive style. This hop was the push I needed to purchase. By the way I love the transparent berry beads. I know that they are not your usual color but they are great. I am sort of new to this blogging thing so the last BSBP was my first blog hop & it was fabulous, so You are my next fun hop. I mentioned you today on my blog thanking you for the pic tip of using printer paper in full sun.