October 9, 2012

Photography Practice

I'm still working on gaining my foothold over my photos.  Sometimes they are great, other times - meh.  Do I forget what I'm doing?  Maybe!  One thing I do know - practice makes perfect.

Adjusting to the northern light was been a challenge over the year.  I do have these great big windows lining my living room wall and take photos with natural daylight.  One thing that I find challenging is too much light creates dark shadows and makes my camera wonky.  Yep, technical term there. 

My solution?  A piece of paper.  Mmm-hmm, that's it.  You can see the dramatic results above that the paper tent creates.  I'll sometimes use a piece of vellum, but I didn't have one yesterday and a good ol' sheet of printer paper worked like a charm.  

Fancy - I know!  I may break down and work on a more professional set up later this year - when winter and dull gray days are here.  For now, I still like the natural light best and will work with what I have. 

Here is another example. Another thing I have been playing with and I don't know if it works or not but I'm pretending that it does - for a few of my photos, I pull the camera back a little and then zoom in.  It's been softening up my backgrounds and creating more depth of field.  I'm liking it. 


TesoriTrovati said...

You are brilliant. I was expecting to see a binder or a literature holder or a bunch of bubble wrap! I will have to try that trick... but my set up is shot late late at night and I do use velum over my high powered lamps! And I love the way you get a soft background. My lens filters in +4 and +10 take my macros from meh to amazing!
Enjoy the day!

Lottie said...

Oh your photography is amazing - and shows off your beads to perfection - I just adore these colours. They are so warm and Autumnal - the colours of my garden now that the leaves and plants are different shades warm, and glowing, not the bright zappy summer shades. I love autumn weather, misty, moisty, and deeper blue skies, and being snuggled up in warm jumpers and scarves. You work evokes such feelings.

lakesuperiorwaves said...

Sometimes I drap a piece of toilet paper or kleenex (might have to separate the layers) over my flash to soften the flash. This is a different effect, of course, than what the piece of paper is doing.

Kathy said...

Everything you wrote in this post resonates with me!! When I get out of practice, I forget all those little numbers and shutter speeds, blah blah. So I switch it into auto and get all frustrated because my pics don't look right. The paper tent, yep, I do that too. Tell me why making casting a big shadow over the jewelry creates more light in the picture?? Somehow it works!

You've got such wonderful material to work with. :-)

KJ said...

Great solution. I have seen paper taped to the window for the same effect- I like your solution better and will give it a try.

AntiquityTravelers said...

nice trick! love your photography

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Great Tip! I wish once you mastered something - especially with using daylight - that it would just work every time. That one thing: Daylight, can be so tricky. I have the natural light from the south at my house so I chase it during the day - knowing that prime photo time is middle of the day to late afternoon for mine (which changes by the season and if there is leaf coverage or not...).

Heidi Post said...

What a difference! I have a vast array of card stocks, and I even use a light blue clear cutting-board mat to help. I'll now be adding a sheet of folded white paper to my photography props pile :)

Chrizette said...

My photos are still a disaster! lol I have a lot to learn. Love the first pair of earrings. Beautiful.

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