October 3, 2012

BTW - Holiday Prep

My goal for this week prepping for the Chapel Hill Craft Show:
1. Make more gift items
2. Present my display to show off gift possibilities
3. Making sure my booth is something that pulls in the crowd.

I didn't really need to make anything this week.  I could have coasted.  But that's just not in my nature.  At my last show my most popular item where these beaded bracelets.  So I whipped them up today, 26 of them.  Why make one of something when you can make 4 or 5 of them?  That's my motto.

And in a totally duh moment I realized, I could sell ornaments at this show.  People are getting their holiday shopping on, it's October folks.  So Jess worked on these awesome beaded ornaments for me.  I love them.  I wish that pile was twice that size!

And I was brainstorming on Monday, thinking what can I make that would be a fun gift.  And somehow, somewhere out the recesses of my brain came the idea for scarf pins using Vintaj blanks. 

I did a few of each design and finished 35 by the time I had called it a day yesterday.  They look so cute with a warm, fuzzy scarf.  I love that, because it's just sad that all your jewelry gets hidden away under a winter coat while you are out and about.  I hope people like them, I think they would also make sweet gifts.  

Okay, so that's what is happening on my bead table.  We have doves and cardinals forming before me that will become ornaments too.  I should just stop - but I can't help myself.  Whatever I have done by the end of today is it though. I need time to price and package things. 

Check out what else is going on over at the Bead Table Wednesday group.


Lori Anderson said...

Awesome! I always have the lousy luck of, when something sells well one show, no one looks at it the next. That will NOT be the case with your lovelies!

Thoughtfulhands said...

I just love those memory wire bracelets. You have the most wonderful colors.

Alice said...

Everything is gorgeous! I love those beautiful ornaments and the colorful beads in your bracelets.

I'm sure they will all be hits at the show.

Elisabeth said...

Wow - love the scarf pins - incredible!

Maplegirl said...

I love the scarf pins too. That is really business-minded to think about jewellery on the outside of cold weather gear. Nice!

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Heather, you (and Jess) are so talented! Everything is really beautiful. Those ornaments with all the tiny seed beads are amazing! A lot of work had to go into creating those. Your scarf pins are stunning, really beautiful idea!

I too have been working on ornaments for my show next weekend. I got the idea of selling ornaments made from beads after participating in the ornament swap that you hosted last year! I have made some sparkling beauties that I really don't want to part with!

Wishing you a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

As always, I'm stunned by how many different things you whip up, and when I think it can't get any better, the next thing is always even more gorgeous than the last! Love all of these, but the scarf pins are probably my favourite, just because it's such a neat idea to have some jewelry that you can wear over your three layers of winter clothing! I'm always such an iceblock, I'd love to keep my scarf on even when inside ;)

Cassi said...

Those are gorgeous --I especially like the pins.

When you make memory wire bracelets, what size do you use? I made my first one recently, with "large bracelet" size, and it still seems pretty small to me.

SummersStudio said...

It is all awesome, but I especially love those scarf pins. You are so right about your jewelry getting hidden under a coat in winter. The scarf pins are perfect for putting a bit of jewelry out there where everyone can see it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

CreatingCures said...

Those scarf pins are a brilliant idea! love them. Hope you share pics of your booth too - good luck. ~~T

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