October 29, 2010

Rings & Things Blog Partner Project - Steampunk

I'm so late posting this! I was lucky enough to get some components from the Rings & Things blog partner program last month and I have just now gotten around to creating with them. Such is the life in this busy studio.

I received an assortment of steampunk inspired gears, sprockets and cogs in brass and copper. I pulled out an Earthenwood gear bead and went to work...

I textured the gears and sprockets with my ball peen hammer, riveting hammer and a screw driver. (The screwdriver makes that great dot pattern.) I antiqued some with silver/black and others I used acrylic dabbers to create a faux patina look. I sealed the painted finish with Renaissance wax.

I pulled out my Vintaj blanks and drilled a few holes and riveted on the gears and sprockets. The rivets are also from Vintaj.

The necklace is put together with jump rings, chain and check out those cog beads - very cool. I had to show them off by using them with etched jump rings. In between you'll find my teal branch beads.

You can find a lot of Vintaj at Rings & Things now too!
There are over 20 pages of beads, chain, charms, pendants and metal blanks on Rings & Things site that are categorized as Steampunk. Have fun.

I made this necklace for my daughter for her Halloween costume. You see my girls met Melanie from Earthenwood Studios a few summers ago and learned about Steampunk and have been smitten with it ever since. This is Vangie's costume from last year, she was a steampunk explorer. This year she is some steampunk/fantasy hybrid that includes an Aztec cat mask - Steampunked out, Steampunk wire fairy wings and her trusty goggles. There are striped arm sleeves involved too. Yep, that's how my kids roll. Weird and wonderful!


d'Olivia said...

A great looking necklace!

Dave at Rings & Things said...

Hi Heather! A little bird told me to check out this post today :) How cool -- I really enjoy your idea of texturing with a screwdriver. And lucky kids to have a mom helping them with steampunk Halloween costumes!

-- Dave at Rings & Things

My Life Under the Bus said...

Beautiful job Heather - my kids are always some variation of Star Wars. One year one of the boys took something from every costume we have and I was like - WHo are you supposed to be??? He was like - I'm Star Wars...all of it !
There you go! If their happy I'm happy : )

fanciful devices said...


TesoriTrovati said...

How in the world did I miss this? I was sitting her thinking of you and here I find the most incredible necklace. You are truly talented. I have quite a few of those cogs from Rings & Things and I attest to their versatility. But the color you have achieved is marvelous. Makes me what to get back in the studio and actually create instead of futter around doing nothing special.

Enjoy the day!

P.S. Vangie is adorable and I love her idea of steampunk!

JulzJewlz said...

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Love your jewelery!!
Very fun and gorgeous
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