January 12, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

It's Bead Table Wednesday - pull out that camera and give us a peak of what you are working on this week.   For me, it's a little snippet of autumn inspired beads that I'm working with for possible projects for the Fall issue of Stringing magazine.  

It's chilly here so the weather has put me in the right frame of mind.  Although really I could work with the autumn colors and themes all year round, they are some of my favorites.

And just so you know, I do have a working bead table - not just pretty vignettes of beads scattered about.  Actually I have two work tables - one is an archaeological dig and the other is where I'm taking photos and finishing projects, like the ones pictured above.
I'm having so much fun taking pics with my Ipod but thought I'd pull out the old camera and macro lens for a close up shot. 

Pictured left to right, back row: acorn from Gaea, pendant from Heather Wynn, modern forest toggle clasp and golden branches disk beads from me.

Front row: Ceramic acorn from Diane Hawkey, owl pendant from Green Girl Studios and oak leaf pendant from me.

Join in the fun and play along with us!  Wondering what it's all about, read more here.


Spirited Earth said...

i love fall colors..
you made me laugh..in the first hazy photo i thought that pendant said..a ferret is in an acorn..wth??
looks like i need a second cuppa to wake up.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Haha I thought the same thing too. I was actually intrigued because I had 8 ferrets at one point. I am on my second cup of coffee maybe I need the whole pot this morning.
Great beads!

Ashleigh said...

Beautiful beads! Do you ever teach classes or have workshops?

Heather Powers said...

Hi Ashleigh, I don't teach very often. My next classes will be on the Bead Cruise in March, www.beadcruise.com.

Okay Nan - I'm not over here stuffing ferrets into acorns, you have me cracking up!

Rosanne said...

I love you table of beads.
Gonna do mine in a little bit.

TesoriTrovati said...

I don't know if I will make it in, but I will try!
I love all these colors. I guess I need to start thinking about fall designs too. Thanks for reminding me. I am still stuck on Valentine's day.
Enjoy the day.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful. I love these elements - I can't wait to see what designs you come up with, they are bound to be gorgeous!

Coty said...

Wow, I just want to dive head-first into those beads! What a delicious pile! Am I the only one that gets really giddy when I see a yummy pile of beads? :)

Alice said...

What pretty beads! Excuse me while I drool.