January 8, 2011


"When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears." - Anthony Robbins

Today I'm grateful for:
My daughter asking my advice and listening.
Laughing with my husband.
The ability to creatively solve problems.
Brilliant minds holding the candle to lead the way.
Friendships near and far.
Dreams coming true.

Share something you are grateful for today, I will enjoy reading them. 


Courtney said...

What am I grateful for:
my husband
my daughter confiding in my
my sons arms giving me a hug

Barbara Lewis said...

I am grateful that I have found my path, which I've been searching for for a helluva long time; that I have many days when I'm together with my husband, my 25 y/o son, and my 26 y/o daughter ... they are the most precious times ...this period won't last forever; and for my current good health ...

Copper Diem said...

I'm grateful for some "found" time today to be creative!

Elisabeth said...

I am grateful for the laughs I get to share every day with my husband and kids - making them happy gives me such joy

TesoriTrovati said...

finding a new material that I am loving working with
watching my daughter blossom right before my eyes
my husband taking down all the Christmas decorations
laughing with my son
having truly deep and meaningful chats with friends near and far
the sun is shining

enjoy the day!

mary s said...

right this moment? you. i really enjoy your spirit, your creativity, your humble way, and your generosity in sharing it with everyone.

you inspire.

quickcer said...

I am grateful for my husband's good health today and for our wonderful love affair.
I am grateful for finding time to bead and create.
I am grateful for the Humblebead's blog and for the inspiration you give us Heather. You are simply the best.

lynsey said...

I am greatful for my wonderful boyfriend, who loves me for who i am
I am greatful for this wonderful hobby of jewellery making that found
I am greatful to all the wonderful artists out there who have inspired me
I am greatful for finding my self after years of being lost

Jenny said...

I am grateful for the person who wrote "spread love" on the back of a car I saw today.

Something terrible -- very distressing and very preventable -- happened to me earlier in the week. I have been extremely angry, and unable to work my way out of it. Somehow, seeing that car snapped me out of it. I now see the situation in terms of "I deserve better" instead of "how could you do such a horrible thing?" It's changed my attitude and I'm calmer and happier.

Janet said...

Im so grateful for all of Gods Mercys in my and my familys life!
Grateful I have eyes to see and that I am not disabled.
Im soooo grateful for everything!