January 20, 2011

Starry Night Challenge

Vintaj's next design challenge is Starry Nights - how could I not be all over that!

Van Gogh and Vintaj - throw in some chocolate and I'm in heaven.

Read all about the challenge here.

Order Van Gogh beads here.

Get the best chocolate in the world here.  (Thanks Erin!)


TesoriTrovati said...

Sweet! I am all about that too!
My candy man closed up shop at the end of the year (insert frowny face here) But the tradition is supposed to still live on in a local stationery shop. Stay tuned on the Moonstruck front!
Enjoy the day, Heather!

Malin de Koning said...

Oh that song is sooooo sweet and wonderful!
Thanks for reminding me.

And Van Gogh, you and Vintaj, what could one say more.

I have never done a vintaj challenge before. Might give it a go this time. Will only work to the soundtrack of that song I think. :-)

Leslie Gidden said...

OHHHHHH, I am swooning! LOVE Vincent! I am all over this too! Vintaj....Vincent....wonderful combination! Thanks for the information! Like I need another "thing" to add tomy calendar! Oh well, all in the name of fun!

Janet said...

Such Beautiful beads Heather!!

JeannieK said...

Ok, you are going to laugh. I started my Vintaj challenge piece with what I thought was one of your starry night beads.

I realized half way through I was using one of your Water Lily beads which I don't think you even make anymore. Doh!

quickcer said...

I love the Van Gogh beads and they are the reason I became a fan of Humblebeads. I made my necklace using the beads, a crystal half moon and some small crystal clear stars. Everytime I wear it, I get a great response. Thanks Heather for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us and for taking us down memory lane with Don McLean. Rock on girl!!

Esther said...

oh wow!! Your van Gogh beads are PERFECT!!

Jenni C said...

I love your interpretation of vincent's painting. Works so well with vintaj.
And wasn't Don McLean a sweetie! I so loved that song!

jarmaine | jewelry hang tags said...

Just came across these, the Van Gogh beads are lovely! Cool and fun colors mixed together with that dreamy, starry effect. Enjoy the challenge!