August 28, 2008

Going Gothic?

Humblebeads are getting a little darker for the fall. I have a Victorian inspired poppy bead that I've added to my collection. One of many beads that I have been working on this week.
Here is a bracelet I created as the 'action' shot for this bead. It's created using a simple peyote stitch with 2 different size beads, which causes the band to ruffle around. I ended the last row with these luscious keishe pearls that have been pegged to one of my inspiration board for months, calling out to me. When I finished this bead, I knew the pearls would be the perfect match.
Now if only the temperature outside would match my fall mood. I just keep cranking up the air conditioner, pretending that cool October days are quickly approaching.

The Victorian Poppy Beads are in my Esty shop now.


Fab Fibers said...

I love the color purple!
This is very nice, I remember having a dress when I was younger that was the shade of eggplant. In fact I'm was wearing it in my graduation picture.
Remember the purple corvette I had?
Isn't it funny how something as simple as a color can bring back such a flood of memories? Oh yeah, our purple hair! HAHAHA!
Really I'm loving this new bead.

No Easy Beads said...

This is a wonderful treat seeing the seed beads and pearls with your new bead. It is gorgeous!
I am looking forward to fall too.

Jean Hutter said...
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Jean Hutter said...

The new bead is gorgeous and so is that bracelet - I LOVE the color.