August 2, 2008

"The Owls Are Not What They Seem"

Here are the owls, some experiments for different colors and finishes. I love the patina and sea salt one. But the patina, I think I may start that with a copper/bronze under-color so it shines through more like an old coin. But I like this version too.

They are all up in the etsy shop in limited quantities, if I have more than one I listed it.
I'm feeling a little goofy today, so I have a small owl charm to give away to the first person who can tell me where today's title quote comes from, leave the answer in the comments. You can also win one of these pendants on the Art Bead Scene this week, today was my turn for Studio Saturday.

It's been a long day of beadmaking, filling orders and answering email. I think I'll order a yummy pizza and watch a movie with the fam. That is if I can tear Jess away from his worktable. Holy Cow! Wait until your eyes feast upon his genius. I'm so impressed!


Claudia Costa said...

Fantastic I love this little owls!

Fab Fibers said...

At first I thought it might be Harry Potter, but I didn't think you were too into that. So I cheated and now I know its from Twin Peaks. That was a crazier show and more like something you would watch as I watched it myself..and sometimes the reruns!
I love your owls!

No Easy Beads said...

I cheated too...bad Mom. Twin Peaks. I found the answer with a google search which took me wikpedia. I love the patina finish.

Anonymous said...

yes,it is twin peaks.I didn't have to search for it,I remember Twin Peaks very well.I thought i'd win this one,but leave to make a bracetet and all kind of things can happen.Durn!One day I'm gonna win something!

gail said...

That wasn't anonymous.I must have pressed wrong key.Sorry.Gail

Heather Powers said...

Ah, you are right Rosanne! Twin Peaks it is. But seriously did they have tell us what the owls were if they weren't what they seemed? I have to just roll my eyes at that crazy show, how did they get way with the last episode? Those are mysteries that may never be answered...I will send out your little goody tomorrow.

Thanks for playing along everyone!