August 31, 2008

Inspired by Artwork

More on being inspired by artwork today...
Have you seen this book? I need to get my hands on a copy!

What drives me crazy is that I had this idea! To write a book of jewelry designs inspired by my favorite artists. And here it is, they beat me to the punch. (Jess swears he had the idea for Gremlins since he was a little kid, now I understand his pain.)

Anyway, that's the thing about creativity. There is no slice of pie we need to fight over. It is a river, leading to an ocean, wider and deeper than we can know. So who knows, one day I may write my own version. Until then I will enjoy what these talented designers have set forth into the world! Going by the title I wonder if this will be a series? I see the same authors have another book coming soon of jewelry inspired by Art Nouveau!

Back to my own inspirations, I could see using this color scheme from Van Gogh's almond blossom study. I stumbled across this one in my googlin' yesterday for the Iris pic. I may have to go pull out my beads right now and give into the muse. It's Sunday, I can play today, right!

OH, and wait there is more before I rush over to the bead table. I am 6 sales away from 600 in my etsy shop. So for the next six sales I have a free bead for each purchase. I have a little stash of one-of-a-kinds and different experiments that will be heading out with those next 6 orders. For my 600th sale I have a little grab bag of beads that I have been saving for the occasion. So check out the etsy shop and treat yourself to a little surprise today!

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Lorelei said...

Yippee I won the grab bag!! na na na na boo boo!

Can't waaaiiittt! Thank you for your awesome generosity Heather.
You rock.

It's like giving candy to a baby...