August 17, 2008

Humblebeads Restocked

The ol' esty shop has been restocked. I have beads and orders filling the whole studio today. Poor Jess is hiding in his corner. I hear him snipping metal and he'll occasionally run over with the next part of his project complete. He is constructing some kind of glass soldered alter that has little doors that open up. Can't wait to see it finished.

I have been making beads, making beads, making beads.

Today I snuck off to the The Bead Market. Looking for blue apatite. I tell you, don't go to a bead show with one thing in mind. You'll end spending way too much money on faceted blue labradorite rondells. I was helpless against their shiny, flashy powers of persuasion.
You can find this strand on etsy from jNicLoft, these are the same color.

What else did I pick up? Not much really, a few stands of copper spacers and bead caps, copper clasps and a some small strands of czech glass. This show has mostly low end stands of stones, lots of deals for $3 and $6. But I wasn't looking for bargains today, I was looking for the unusual. What can I say, the next show is just around the corner. I'll hold out for that.

Oh, and I probably was a little shopped out, I put in an order from Rings & Things on Friday. Can you say gunmetal and copper findings? Yep, they have a very cool selection and a great new updated website, very user-friendly. (Maybe too user-friendly!) I will have to snap some photos of my recent purchases soon.

Amidst the beadmaking and shopping I have been a fury of jewelry-making superpowers. Unfortunately I can't show them yet, some of are for a top-secret project that I am working on, I promise to share as soon as I can.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes this week. I had a very lovely celebration and the beads to prove it. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be caught up on orders and back to blogging, taking photos and most importantly sharing my new line of beads!!!


Fab Fibers said...

You? Shopped out? Not hardly!
Love those blue labradorite rondells. R and T is going to be in GR the first week of Sept. I missed them in the spring, but I'm going to go in Sept. Don't work Jess to hard, poor man that he is!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Heather (and Fab Fibers),

My birthday wishes to you are late but I hope you'll accept them!

Thanks for mentioning Rings & Things, we try hard to stock tons of findings in cool finishes. And of course copper & gunmetal/"black plate" are really hot, so we have to really stay alert. The new look of our site is part of that effort... So we appreciate your praise!

Fab Fibers, we look forward to seeing you in Grand Rapids next month! We have new labradorite "road show only" stock, too...

Take care,

at Rings and Things

Gail W said...

Hey Heather!I,too,shopped at rings&things on Friday.I had lots of copper,but low on gunpowder.What a coincident.Do you believe in those things?I checked on my order,will be here monday.Can't wait!They have so much of the good things.Lul,Gail