August 6, 2008

new work

I had to take a few days to get orders out the door and do some serious resting. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. It's so hard to get back on schedule after such a long break!

Here are two new listings, very beach inspired!

What else is new? The Art Bead Scene has it's new monthly challenge listed. "Something to Say!" is our theme for this month. I have some wonderful beads from Earthenwood to work with that have little sayings. I also have a glass toggle from Lynn at Expedition D and the wonderful stamped metal pendant from Jennifer Stumpf to work into jewelry this month. I love making things for the challenge too, it's a creative stretch that I enjoy!

Jess is one of the sponsors this month. He has donated this dream pendant as one of the prizes! I love this design. It was fun to watch Jess create all these collages last year. He did most of the designs during the fall in the evenings and on weekends. He had all these old art history books and his exacto knife. He would cut and collect images and words, later he pieced them together in all sorts of cleverness. He then scanned everything and has sheets of all this amazing collages that he prints and then puts them into pendants. His work is very personal and most of it deals with his loss of art and the struggle to regain the creative process. We've been filling up his etsy shop, he has some house pendants that I hope he finishes by the weekend. I'll try not to steal them before they make into his shop, but they are amazing and the temptation will be great!


Fab Fibers said...

Oh Jess, you didn't lose a thing art wise. You just haven't been able to create as much as you would like. I love your pendants and darn if someone didn't buy the one I wanted! Can't wait to see the houses, Heather had talked about them when she was here. KEEP THEM AWAY FROM HER, so we can have a chance at them! Hugs and smooches....I miss you all>

White Iris Designs said...

Love your new beads...and the pendants.......FABULOUS!!!