August 7, 2008

showing off and sharing

First I'll share, then I'll show off...

I've decided my etsy shop is looking a little crowded, I like to keep it around a more manageable 35-40 listings. I added in some of my regular humblebeads line when I went on vacation and would just renew if I still had one in stock. So hence the overpopulation of humblebeads. Help me weed out and get ready for my new fall line!
20% off AND free shipping through Sunday, August 10th. Splurge now!

And now for the showing off! Look at what my super-awesome-way-too-talented-husband made me for an early birthday present! It's 6" tall x 4" wide. He originally made it so that you'd put a tea light inside and there are secret images that shine through. But I think he wants to convert it into a little lamp later on. I love it so much! Here are the back and the sides:

I don't know if he'll make more, he did enjoy the process and it set his little sculpture brain on full-speed ahead.

He started making these house pendants. These are so much like the work he did in art school, only miniature. Each one is a piece of artwork, with many layers and meanings put into them. He has some very tiny house sculptures that he is working on, they in are in the prototype stage at the moment. I am in awe.

We've been talking and planning. We decided that he will help me with my grunt work/shipping and I will manage his etsy shop and market for him. That leaves both of us with more time for creating. And my super marketing idea for today: necklace upgrades for his pendants. You can purchase a pendant and the necklace upgrade if you are not a jewelry-makin' person. I'm thinking of doing this for my shop too.

So spread the net love, heart his shop. If you like his stuff mention him in a blog post. Visit his flickr page, leave a comment for him there. He reads them!


Cristi said...

Love both you and Heather's work, already hearted your shop and if anyone other than me read my blog, I'd mention you both there as well.

Just started blogging, so when I get it advertised to one and all I'll be sure to include you in a post...

Gaea said...

What wonderful work! Love the house! It's illuminated? How cool! Anyway to share a photo of that? The necklace upgrade is a great idea, too!

susanlambert said...

Your site is great and I love the lampwork beads. The polymer ones are really nice too.

gail said...

I love the chain& pendant that you & creative hus have put together.Wonderful,I want one.Gail