July 27, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - One Love

Well, my bead table is it's usual disaster so I thought I'd show you some goodies plucked from the wreckage rather than subject you to the horror of my creative aftermath.  Oh the beadmanity!

Here are two orders heading out the door today.  Some orders just make me stop and go 'ahh'.  Above someone has a lovely creation planned with these Illuminated Manuscript beads.  Since they asked for the holes to be drilled vertically I'm assuming these will end up in a necklace.  Won't that be sweet?

And I adore this combination of Dogwood Pendants in green, Birch Log beads, Branch Lentils in lime and in the corner are some of my Mum beads in olive green.  Sometimes filling orders can spark all sorts of creative ideas for me - combinations I wouldn't have pulled together are suddenly there whispering my name!

So what's on your bead table today? 

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In honor of the love beads, here is a little Bob Marley for you!


Malin de Koning said...

Love the love!

Kate said...

My comment was going to be exactly the same as Malin's! So I will add that I received all my goodies today and and SO excited that one of my treasures lines up perfectly with the theme for the Inspired by Nature challenge next week!

Aquariart said...

Love those really mellow colors together. The manuscript beads are really nice too. Haven't seen those before.