July 6, 2011

Taking Notice

These are some little vignettes from my best friend's backyard.  She is so stylish in everything she does.  Do you have a friend like that - the one you go to for fashion advice or who always makes even a simple event into something beautiful? 

Our families have celebrates many holidays together over the last 7 years - everything from New Year's Eve dinners to their annual 4th of July cookout. They have become family - and never more true was the saying:

"Friends are the family you choose for yourself."

I definitely would have picked my best friend to be my big sister.  Wise and kind, full of grace and self-confidence.  I'm so thankful for the dear friends that I have, both those who are near and far.

I decided one of the things I love about traveling back home is that I pull out my camera and take notice of the little things around me. 

I slow down, I hunt for the beauty in the ordinary. 

I'm there, focused. 

So I took my camera along to our 4th of July fete and spent some time in the moment - eyes open, searching for that play of patterns, colors and textures.

Eventually, all those tiny bits of color and design make their way into my beads - filtered through the years, tempered with sweet memories.  They find their way from my heart to my hands.


Alice said...

Lucky you to have such a lasting friendship. It seems in today's busy rush of life that keeping good friendships is not so easy.

I have a friend that dresses up no matter where she goes--even to the gym. I look like a hick when I'm with her, but she doesn't mind.

Your beads are just lovely. I like that they might have been inspired by things you found in your friend's yard.

Kristi Bowman said...

Lovely post and lovely pictures to go with it!!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is so touching. I think that everyone is seeking that sort of connection with another soul, but only the lucky few find it. And you, my friend, are a lucky soul.
I love that backyard, the attention to the details, the color explosions. That is the sort of backyard I envision in my head but nary the time to get it there. Thanks for sharing this message that slowing down and looking is a good thing.
Enjoy the day.

Annabel said...

I always adore the way you process you photos! They are special indeed!

lynsey said...

Lovely images, your friend certainly does have style, it's the kind of style i envisage for my self and my own home one day. It is wonderful to see how you carried the textures and colours through to your work, really wonderful

Laura Twiford said...

Lovely summer inspired images, I LOVE that blue glass lantern hanging in the tree!

angelinabeadalina said...

What a lovely backyard! I love the way these beads echo the colors and feel of it... maybe part of what draws you and your friend together is your spectacular appreciation of textures and subtle colors :)