September 28, 2011

Hello Again

I'm still here!  I feel like this little guy who was hanging onto this thistle as it swayed in the cool September breeze.

I've just finished a whirlwind tour of events this month, including a book launch, bead show, my Inspired by Nature Retreat (where I took all these photos) and then a 4-day trip to Galena for a Vintaj workshop and trunk show and book signing at Galena Beads.  

It's been filled with lots of moments of joy and some personal struggles over the last two weeks that have me playing catch up.  I don't share a lot of personal information here.  Just remember a blog only shows a snippet of what the writer wants to share.  My life is filled with many wonderful things, but everyone has their own cross to bear.  

Things are better today.  I am going to sit in the studio for the rest of the afternoon and work on some overdue orders.  Yesterday I sketched out new holiday beads and I have quite a collection of fall beads to photograph.  I'm finding I'm a bit drunk on inspiration - the autumn colors are overwhelmingly beautiful.  I have a lot to share with you, but wanted to say hello before another day passed.

September 9, 2011

Living an Abundant Life

As I've been working away this week, my mind has been focused on the idea of abundance.  Not just riches or material goods, but living a life filled with hope and expectation and how that differs from living a life filled with worry and fear.  We are given the chance to choose each morning how we will face the day.  

“You can’t predict, you can prepare. Experience the power of making decisions based on security instead of worry, readiness instead of reluctance, abundance instead of lack.”
~ Kathy Gates

"There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen." - Wayne Dyer

"Life is a field of unlimited possibilities." - Deepak Chopra
“Gratitude is the open door to abundance .”
~ unknown

Open your heart this week to being more, doing more, sharing more, loving more, caring more.  The more you are and the more you offer to the world, the more you will have and the more the universe will send back your way.

Be more.

Live abundantly each and every day.

September 8, 2011

Book Launch Party

This weekend kicks off my official book launch and I'm celebrating like my book will be the only one in the store.  I mean, come on - how often does one have a book launch?  Over the top celebrations are certainly in order!  If you are in the West Michigan area I hope you'll stop by to celebrate with me.

And what's a party without presents?  I will be sharing some tips for blogging for creative businesses and we are doing a Make & Take project sponsored by Vintaj with these lovely dragonfly pendants. (Make & Take for the first 30 attendees.)

The Grand Rapids Press wrote up a great article last weekend about my return to Michigan and the book launch - you can read it here.

I will also have some of the jewelry from the book on display. 

Book Launch Party

1 p.m. Sept. 10

Barnes & Noble at Woodland Mall
Grand Rapids, MI

(Cupcake photo credit: Theresa Thompson via Flickr's Creative Commons.)

And finally, my gift to you:
20% off all orders from my Etsy shop!
Use discount code: Celebrate

Ends Saturday at midnight.
Not for use on custom or special orders.

(Present photo from Pinterest)

September 7, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

It's Bead Table Wednesday and today's edition is coming to you from my temporary studio in Michigan.  I enjoyed sitting outside on the deck this morning and snapping these photos. Loved the chilly morning photography session - heavenly!

These are beads that are on the cover of my book and can now be found in my Etsy shop.

I also pulled out some autumn colored beads in coppers and purples.  Loving this combination for fall - it reminds me of stormy October skies with bright orange leaves clinging to the trees.

And here is some of the flora from my sister's garden.  It's her flowers that are featured in the garden section of my book.  I'm staying with my sister for a few weeks until Jess moves up here with the rest of our belongings.  My sister is as talented in the garden and kitchen as I am in the studio - it's a very enjoyable visit.

And the view from my studio.  I love looking out the window and seeing water.  In fact, nothing makes me happier - except for the first day I look out and see snow - I can't wait!

Here is a short video of my studio set up - my apologies for the video cutting off at the end.  I'm still learning how to put together the videos.

So that's it for my first Michigan edition of Bead Table Wednesday.  

Check out the flickr group to see what other bead addicts are working on this week.

September 4, 2011

Farmer's Market Inspiration

I have been enjoying a little time off with my family.  The move has gone smoothly, I love everything about being here.  In fact I couldn't be happier.  And happiness is definitely not overrated.  I was walking along a trail the other day and just had to thank God for giving me my heart's desire.  It's not often that you get everything in life that you want, but right now my cup is overflowing with joy and all the people and places that make feel at home and completely happy.

My sister and I enjoyed a morning at the farmer's market yesterday - what amazing eye candy.  I'm a little enamored with shades of orange - peach, pumpkin and petal soft coral.  Paired next to gray, navy blue or deep teal blue - I see some color palettes for beads forming in head.  Which is good because this week will be filled with making new beads for the Suburban Bead Encounter next Sunday, I'll need all the inspiration I can muster up for some amazing new beads!

Tomorrow I'll show you my new studio set up.  The view is amazing!