July 25, 2014

20 Earring Inspirations

From quick and easy gifts to the bread & butter at craft shows - you can never have too many earrings or too many earring inspirations! Here are 20 fabulous designs featuring Humblebeads

One of the best things about using Humblebeads for earrings - they weigh next to nothing, so even bold designs can be worn all day.

Did you know most people who have sensitivity to earring wires are having a reaction to the nickel in base metal?  A simple and affordable solution are nickel-free natural brass earwires. I couldn't wear earrings for years until I discovered Vintaj's brass earwires.  People who are highly sensitive find that niobium earwires are another great choice.

Feathers & Leaves
Leaves and feathers are still quite popular, the geometric dagger shapes are on trend for summer and fall. 

Feather charms mixed with enameled headpins and glass.

Willow Headpins mixed with Czech glass, copper acorn bead caps and buri nut beads.

Frosted Leaf Charms mixed with jump rings and faceted brass beads.

Headpins make super quick earrings - you can get creative with the wire like I did in the Wire Rosebud Tutorial on my website. 

Charming Pairs
Looking for something charming? Try creating earrings with tiny charms, you can keep them simple with a little wire-wrapping or jump ring embellishments or pair them up with beads. 

Pair Falling Leaf Charms and wire for a simple design. 

 Or get fancy with the wire and create nests like I did in this pair with my Meadowlark charms.

Try creating a pair styled after my Spring Forest Earrings

Layer tiny charms with metal charms like I did with these Tiny Acorn charms and brass leaves that have been colored with a patina.

Sandy Shores Starfish Charms are perfectly paired up with copper wire spirals and copper rings for a surf and sun inspiration. 

Wire & Humblebeads
Wire and Humblebeads opens up a world of design possibilities. From making your own earwires to creating wire elements, get creative with wire in all different gauges and metals to see what you can create.

Use 20 gauge half-hard sterling silver wire to create your own earwires to embellish with beads. For this pair I used Willow Disk beads with a bit of sari ribbon that was ruffled unto the wire. 

A little bit of sterling silver wire and disk beads and you can create the spiral earrings in my Candy Cane Earring tutorial

Use wire to transform these Matchstick Charms into flower stems. Click here for the tutorial.

I love making wire nests and used steel wire with my Tiny Eggs for the cutest earrings ever!

Disk Beads & Spacers
Dangles, dangles, dangles - I pair up tiny wobbles with pewter charms and beads for some of my favorite earring designs. I love mixing brass with the pewter, they warm up the design and offer more choices for matching your earrings with other jewelry. 

Try stacking tiny spacer beads for a fun effect like I did in the Totem Earring tutorial here.

 Pair up my tiny wobble beads for a interesting little touch of color to your earring designs.

Tell a story with your bead shapes. The Willow Disk beads in this design play the part of meadow while the copper beads look like beehives and the tiny brass faceted beads like honeycombs. 

Another Willow Disk bead (can you tell I like them for earrings!) are matched up with pewter charms that have been given a patina treatment with Swellegant paint. I used a ball headpin to create a wire bail for the flowers.

Go long with a dramatic charm like these copper oak leaves paired up with Bittersweet Disk beads. The results, pure fall inspiration!

Hammered Metal and Disk Beads
Whether you are cutting your own metal pieces or using commercially offered blanks, pull out those texturing hammers and sheets and go to town making your own focals for earrings.

I pulled out some copper and a texturing hammer and paired the rectangles up with disk beads for a very artsy combination.

This layered look started with Arte Metal blanks for Vintaj and bronze dangles from Nina Designs. I textured the blanks with a ball peen hammer and paired them up with a set of my Art Nouveau Peacock Disk beads.

Pin to Win! 
Since today is July 25 I'm feeling a little Christmas in July-ish and rather gifty.  So I'm going to give away a $30 Humblebeads gift certificate this weekend.

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Lisa Caryl said...

Pinned to my Jewelry Inspirations board. Thanks for the chance to win!

Maneki said...

Lovely earrings! My favourites are the acorn charm and leaves pair and the meadowlark pair. With the frosted leaf pair coming strong from behind. The reason? First and foremost because I really like the colours. The bird earrings are dark and moody (love dark metal), the colour combo in the acorn earrings make me long for autumn and the frosted leaves earrings remind me of weathered surfaces (love natural patinas and distressed looks) --and the first frost of the season.

Pinned here: http://www.pinterest.com/manekibeader/jewellery-to-admire-and-inspire/

Lupe Meter said...

You always create such beautiful earrings! I love all your creations. I pinned three of them...my favorites! Thank you for sharing some of your ideas! http://www.pinterest.com/gempc/polymer-clay-inspiration/

BeadQueen87 said...

Wow fabulous earrings pinned 3 on my pintrest to the board inspirational jewellery really love your creations will you be selling any of these ? Would love to win! :D

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Just three? I want to pin them all! Seriously, your designs are so beautiful! Pinned @ http://www.pinterest.com/elliebjewelry/pretty-earrings/

Unknown said...

Pinned 3. PJ Clouse / Earrings. Thanks for the free tutorials.

Unknown said...

Love them all Heather....hard choice to choose just three...chose those that reminded me of the three seasons I love the best..pinned onto my clay & metal...cheers Ann

Cynthia said...

I love your earrings!! I could not stop pinning. Love them all! http://www.pinterest.com/cynpurple/jewelry-earrings/

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I pinned them on my Pinterest earrings board! Great designs!

Anonymous said...

Pinned to my Jewellery Inspirations Board http://www.pinterest.com/lissiloo/jewellery-inspiration/

Thanks for your continuing inspiration Heather!

Kathy said...

I couldn't decide on just three, so pinned about six of them. I love them all, though. I have been using your creations since I started designing jewelry!

Grubbi said...

Can't get the Inlinkz tool to work! Love your earring designs Heather, pinned my fave three! http://uk.pinterest.com/grubbiceramics/

baymoondesign said...

I pinned 3 pairs of earrings to my board
Jewelry Inspired by nature. I would love to win!

shelleykatsh@gmail.com said...

Pinned 3 and labeled them so folks will know where the beautiful beads can be purchased. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Alice said...

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful earrings. I pinned the pair with the textured metal drops, but will be pinning more because they are all fabulous.

Unknown said...

I love all the ideas on your blog! I pinned 3!

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Pinned 3 (or 7) to my inspiration and I would wear it boards. Would love to win!! Thanks for the chance!

Unknown said...

Pinned 3 (or 7) to my inspiration and I would wear it boards. Would love to win!! Thanks for the chance!

Shai Williams said...

I was already pinning to my Inspirations and Tutorial boards before I got to the part about the contest. Thanks for both the contest and the inspiration

Anonymous said...

Pinned three! Before I read about the contest, actually! A bonus - besides the inspiration from your lovely work.

Sandy said...

I SO need to replenish my Humblebead supply - so I pinned on "Love These".