March 30, 2013

7th Bead Soup Party

Welcome to the 7th Bead Soup Party hosted by the ultra fab Lori Anderson.  I'm sure you aren't new to the party scene, but in case you are - Lori matches us up with a partner, we swap a nice helping of bead soup that includes a focal, a clasp and some extras.  We then put on our thinking caps and come up with something brilliant and share them on reveal day.  Since the soup has 400+ participants it's spread out over several weeks.  Visit the Bead Soup Party blog for the deets.

Let me introduce you to my soup partner, Julie Anne Leggett of the Peaceful Bead. She sent me this rosy little collection of stones, pearls, a Czech button, tin bead caps from Donna Miller and a sterling silver clasp.  Be sure to stop over to Julie's blog to see what she created with the soup I sent her when you finish here.
And from there to here - I went a little crazy and over the top!  But that's crazy like a fox because I'm seriously in love with this necklace.

Along with my soup, I pulled some ingredients from my bead boxes: a ceramic leaf from Earthenwood Studio, a pewter rose from Green Girl Studios, polymer clay disks and a willow headpin from my own Humblebeads line and them some deliciously painted pewter pieces.  

I just couldn't hide away those bead caps, I wanted them to shine and show off the sweet patterns that inspired my color palette.  I wrapped them on the pewter pieces with a ball headpin, super easy.

Here are the before and afters of the pewter pieces.  I used Vintaj's painta paints in a shades of pink, yellow and green, adding on layers and mixing colors.  After they dried I used a matte sealer from Swellegant. 

Some of the paints are more opaque and some offer more of a wash of color, letting the metal shine through.  I loved playing the paints again and will be pulling them out for future projects. 

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Head on over to the Bead Soup Party blog for the links of everyone playing along today.  Thanks again for stopping by and visiting for a spell!

But first, head over to my soup partner's blog and see what she created with the soup I sent her!  Party on people, party on...

March 21, 2013

Spring Wishes

Have you missed me? I've missed my Internet bead community!

I've been so busy with the cruise and handling a family emergency that I have been away for a month from my Etsy shop and keeping you inspired.

I'm back on the job today! I hope these new goodies in my shop help ease some of those wintry blues!

Which ones are calling your name?