June 30, 2012

Catching Up

Some of you asked to see my booth at Bead & Button - so here it is.  It was fun to have the book on display this year! I also had jewelry from the book at the booth.  I met so many lovely customers this year.  It was nice to meet some people I've only known in name. 

There where a few shy souls who came up and introduce themselves and they said, "Oh, I'm nobody. I don't have a blog or anything."  I wanted to let everyone know on the other side of the table, I love meeting everyone who enjoys my work.  There are no small beaders, only small bead stashes.  Ha! Which I work very hard to remedy. 

I love meeting new people who have no clout, no publication credits, but they love beads and that's all I need to have a fun conversation!  So many people who make jewelry just do it for themselves, often they have stressful jobs and beads are something fun.  You are all important to me and I'm thankful for anyone who is a Humblebeads fan, you are a big deal to me!

The beads that go on for miles!  Big sellers this year were owls, tiger lilies, starfish, urchins, nest pendants, bird house beads, dogwood pendants in cream, eggs and birds, clasps and headpins.  And the hedgies got so many ooh and ahhs I thought they were going to get big heads.  They are always a favorite.

Loved the Bohemian inspired collection - these were quite popular too!

A garden of headpins - piles of beads make me giddy.  

So I have been a zombie, just filling orders, recovering and letting plans simmer.  I have all sorts of fun things to share soon, including details about my fall retreat.

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June 20, 2012

Returning Home

I've been recovering from the show.  My body is not cooperating with me.  I have hardly been online for the last week.  There have been orders to get out, family to visit and I'm moving at a snail's pace. 

These pile of beads amaze me.  My whole family helped make beads to get ready for Bead & Button.  Sanding and painting for me, tying stands of beads, waxing and all the tiny bits that take up so much time.  I'm so thankful for them. 

The beads covered my entire kitchen table, I stopped counting after 2000!  The show was amazing.  It was great to connect with fellow bead sellers and makers, bloggers, authors, editors, shop owners and customers. I'll do an official B & B post later.

Today is a bittersweet day.  We are spending the day with our family, my mom heads back to New Orleans tomorrow.  There is never enough time when it comes to spending time with my family.  Which has me thinking about moving to my home town.  We are crunching numbers, checking into the schools and mulling over yet another life-altering move.  It's only an hour away, but it so many ways it's another world living in such a small town.  It would be bliss for me, I'm not sure how my husband and teens feel about it yet.