May 23, 2013

Workshop Review

This past weekend I hosted the Garden Party Bead Workshop in my home.  I had 10 amazing students join me for a day of beadmaking.  The top left photo shows the kits for the day - clay and tools wrapped up like presents.  It was a fun mix of old friends and new that gathered for the day.  The two photos on the bottom left and center show my student's work.  They were fearless and jumped right in, soon experimenting and trying new things with the basic techniques I taught them.  On the bottom right is a mix of polymer clay with porcelain bisque blanks that my friend Marla brought along.

If you have beady friends, you know what a treasure they are and how much fun it is when we get together.  My friend Marie of More Skye Jewels traveled all the way from Canada to visit with me for several days.  Erin from Tesori Trovati was able to surprise Marie and stay with us for the weekend.  We are all kindred spirits and even though there are many miles between us, our hearts are always on the same page!  I'm so blessed to have such sweet friends with precious hearts, creative minds and generous spirits.

Saturday night we stayed up into the wee hours of the night making beads.  Nothing beats a beady slumber party!  Here are are the new beads I made this weekend - Nest & Birch Trees.

We gathered together on Sunday for brunch and a bead swap!  Oh look - an art bead trifecta with Humblebeads, More Skye Jewels and Simple Truths by Tesori Trovati!

Marie & I watching the sunset before she had to head back home.
Our visit was much too short, but we all left with sweet memories and the promise of another visit soon!

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."  -Marcel Proust

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Workshop Review

May 14, 2013

Call for Submissions and Your Favorite Humblebeads

Humblebeads Best Sellers
Did your favorite Humblebead make the Best Sellers List

I think most of these have appeared in a publication over the last few years, which may account for their popularity!

I have a big annoucement! 

Call for Submissions to the Humblebeads Quarterly

Humblebeads Quarterly is going to be a how-to booklet featuring projects from my customers and exclusive free projects from me!

Deadline for contest entry: June 5th, winners will be announced June 8th.

Winners will have until June 20th to send high resolution photos and written directions for their project.

Prizes: All Humblebeads Quarterly contributors will receive a $50 gift certificate from, sent after the final deadline.

Details: Create a project using one of the beads from the Best Sellers List.  Stringing, wire-work and simple metal work projects only.

Winners will be picked according to originality of the project and quality of the photo.

(I highly recommend photographing your work in filtered daylight with a non-distracting background.)

New work only - Designs can't be previously featured in an online publication, print publication, blog hop or online contest.

Rights: All rights remain the designer's.  I will publish your winning project in my Summer edition of the Humblebeads Quarterly with your directions.  Final edits will be approved by the designer. All I ask is that you keep your winning design unpublished until July 1st!

Email your submission here:

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Call for Submission and Your Favorite Humblebeads

May 10, 2013

Spoil Yourself this Weekend - Humblebeads Sale

You know you've been eyeing that bead, it's calling your name - just whispering to come roll around on your bead table.  Treat yourself to a bead packaging that will arrive with a special gift surprise gift from me!

Shop here for beads or here for jewelry - the code works for both sites!

Yep, I'm all about spoiling you this weekend, whether you have kids, fur babies or offer a motherly heart and advice to someone in your community - women need lots of treats and goodies this weekend.  Being a mom of any kind is serious hard work!

My Mom & Me running around shopping in Jamaica on this year's Bead Cruise!

She is my best friend.  We are prone to midnight phone calls just to chat.
She is my rock, my biggest cheerleader and always has a kind word.
She is amazing, strong, full of hope and prayers.
Where would I be without my awesome Mom?
I wouldn't be who I am today!
Thanks Mom!

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Spoil Yourself this Weekend - Humblebeads Sale

May 9, 2013

Art Bead Scene Challenge

I created two pieces for this month's challenge on the Art Bead Scene.  I loved the warm yellow tones and lush flowers.  I had the perfect focal - a new Queen Anne's Lace pendant from Vintaj.  Isn't that just the loveliest!

I paired it with a textured arte metal blank to give it a little punch.  For color, I grabbed my trusty Branch Disk beads in golden yellow and Yellow Wobble spacers.  (They were a special edition, but I have them in a more mellow golden color on the website.)
I added in some Vintaj leaves in copper, brass and arte metal to mimic the fullness of the inspiration painting.

Not stopping at just one inspiration, I pulled together a tulip inspired piece too with my Leaf Pendant and a lavender wobble.  Love those little wobble spacers, they go great just about anywhere!
I will have this pendant as a free project on my website tomorrow and if you subscribe to my newsletter, it's already in your inbox!

The inspiration painting from the Art Bead Scene with a color palette provided by Brandi Hussey.
Join in the fun and create something for this month's challenge too!

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Art Bead Scene Challenge

May 1, 2013

Ombre Herb Garden Markers Tutorial

Herb Garden Markers
Stop by my jewelry blog today for this free polymer clay tutorial, pretty up those herb planters or make them as a Mother's Day gift. They would also make a nice housewarming gift tucked into potted herbs. 

I'm going to try my hand at gardening this year.  Wish me luck, I really need it!