April 22, 2007

First I should probably clarify: I have a list of bead stores that I'm marketing to, what I'm hoping for are those ones that are hidden treasures in your neck of the woods. You know, the ones who might not advertise in Bead & Button but love finding unique beads to offer to their customers.

Those little beads do but the bread on the table. : ) I just enjoy worrying, it's my part-time job and I'm so good at it.

So I have a Bead Show coming up the first weekend of May. Last night I had a nightmare. I was at Martha Stewart's house and she was having an open house for a few of her artist friends. I had my beads, but no display. So Martha and I were going through her kitchen looking for something that would work, but couldn't find anything. I kept asking if she had a cake stand. Now, if she had read my article on inexpensive jewelry displays, she might have been more of help.

April 20, 2007

I'm ready for a nap...

When I returned from the Bead Cruise, I found myself in the somewhat scary position of being family bread winner. Jess is currently looking for work and seems to be taking his time. Which is kind of a mystery to me. : )

I'm a workaholic. I work from 8 am until 7pm and then I'm back at it for an hour or two before I go to bed. I try to stop. When I'm not working, I'm thinking about working. When I'm not making stuff, I'm marketing stuff, I'm researching, I'm sketching and planning. I wish I could just turn it off at 3pm when my girls got home. I hang out for about an hour, do the homework thing and chat about our day and then they go off to play and I'm back to my studio. I'm not always so bad, but I have a bead show in 2 weeks, orders to fill and a mortgage to pay. It can keep a girl hopping.

So today, I developed a brochure, printed it and made samples to send out to Bead Stores that are art bead friendly. I've also updated my website with a spiffy new homepage.

I need your help...do you have a lead for me? A local bead store that carries artist made beads? If you do, please leave a link to their website in the comments section. If more than 5 people leave a link, I'll draw a name for a free bead.

April 19, 2007

Bead Week

What do Hallmark Cards and I have in common? When we want to celebrate a holiday, we go ahead and declare one!
I wanted to celebrate Bead Day this year, but much to my horror no such day was on the books. So with a little brainstorming with my partner in beady crime, we came up with Bead Week. You have about a month and half to come up with a plan to celebrate.
This is a grassroots celebration, you make the week whatever you'd like. I have some suggestions on the Bead Week website. There is also a place to sign up if you'd like to declare that you are a Bead Week Enthusiast.
So stop on over, join in the fun and most of all pass this news along!

April 18, 2007

April 16, 2007

New Art Beads

New crops at the ol' humblebeads ranch...

6 hole spacer beads. Hmm, that's a new design. Amazing what you can do with a little free time and some brass findings.

Lentils beads, get your fresh hot lentil beads.
Signs of spring? Want more? Here you go.

April 11, 2007

Humblebeads National and Local News

Boy those humblebeads get around.
First, I'd like you all to celebrate with me. One of my beads has made it's cover debut. Yes, you can see a humblebead on the cover of Beads 2007. Two of them in fact. I'm on the inside too...an editor's pick. It's a banner day in the studio. Now to get the entire cover to myself. mawhahaha. (that's evil laughter, in case you were wondering.)

Second, kind of national - another shout out at Polymer Clay Daily. Oh that makes my day! Lots of visitors today, so welcome, welcome, take your coat off, make yourself at home. If you haven't seen my beadmaking tips for polymer clay, here they are.

And the local news, I'm going to have a booth at the San Antonio Bead & Ornament Society's Annual Spring Show, May 5th & 6th. So if you are in the Southwest Texas area, this is your personal invite to come say a beady 'howdy' to me.
And that's the news for tonight folks. Happy Creating!

April 10, 2007

If your craft business is a tax right-off...

5 Ways to Get Customers Fleeing your booth:

1. Act moody and depressed, you want to portray that whole artist mystic.

2. Assemble your booth to look like a maze. Your artwork is worth the effort to view.

3. If it's a slow day, do gossip loudly with your neighbor about how poorly the show was promoted. If it's a busy day, gossip loudly with your neighbor about your fellow artisans.

4. When someone compliments your jewelry make sure to say, "Oh that thing, I made it like 5 years ago. I can't believe I even put that on my table."

5. By all means, bring a book, crossword puzzle or cell phone to pass those long, boring hours when those pesky "customers" are in the your booth taking up your time.

Oh, you actually want to make money selling your arts & crafts at shows?

Then try: smiling and saying hello when customers approach your booth. Create a booth that is open and easy to walk into, make sure it looks inviting and not like a medieval torture chamber. Keep a positive attitude, no matter what the day brings. Give knowledgeable answers about your creative process and the unique materials that you use in your artwork, make sure to point out why they are benefits to your customer. Don't get distracted, you have a story to tell about your artwork. Spend your day sharing your creations with everyone who walks into your booth.

If you follow these simple steps you may just make a profit. Which means you'll have to pay your taxes. But you'll have money to buy that new camera you've had your eye on, which is a tax right-off if you use it for your business!

April 9, 2007


This is a little preview of some beads that I created for the Bead Dreams competition. I entered a bracelet and a set of loose beads in the polymer clay division.
The beads above were inspired by two textile designs from William Morris. Here is an online collection of some of his beautiful designs. I found this book at the remainder table at Barnes & Nobles last weekend for $2.50. The title is International Arts & Crafts by Michael Robinson. Check it out! Very inspiring.

April 4, 2007

Featured Artist

Read all about it! Crafty Synergy features Humblebeads. Heather spills the beans about her secret dreams, how she started out as an indie business and offers her number one tip for new business owners. Extra, Extra!

April 3, 2007

Monthly challenge at ABS

Free beads and a creative challenge, what could be better?

These are the beads that I'm giving away in our grand opening Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge. Each month we will pick a theme, it's up to you to create a piece of jewelry, fiber art or whatever your imagination can conjure up that fits the theme and incorporates art beads. We'll pick a winner randomly from the qualifying entries. Go on now, you have some creating to do...