December 28, 2016

Bead Table Wednesday - Art Bead Scene Challenge & Goal Setting for 2017

Today on my Bead Table Wednesday I shared my three creations for the Art Bead Scene's December Challenge. Here is one of the three panels for the stained glass window by Marc Chagall that was our inspiration. One of my goals for 2017 is to create jewelry for each Art Bead Scene challenge - won't you join me? 

My necklace featured long linear qualities like the stained glass window. The pewter stick with 'Chagall-like' designs is by Green Girl Studio. The enamel bird by Gardanne Beads. Hollow lampwork bead by Stephanie Ann Studios and bumpy lampwork by Sea of Glass and one of my polymer clay disks.

My first asymmetrical earrings! Birds by Gardanne, widsom charm by Green Girl Studios.

This piece was also inspired by the challenge but was gifted to my younger sister. Maple leaf by Gardanne Beads, round ceramic by White Clover Kiln, Humblebeads disk and lampwork disk by Julie Miller. Clasp by Anna Bronze. Unfortunately the focal bead was by a Michigan artist that has retired.

I also made these feather earrings from headpins by Artisticaos. Which became a few project on the Art Bead Scene here.

New Year's Goal Resources:

I highly recommend the biz ebook. It may look artsy-fartsy but it's a really a sneaky business plan for creative that makes you want to fill in the fun workbook while you dream of the possibilities for 2017.

Where to find a VA - Fiverr or Upwork (formerly Odesk). I've found VA's through both of these sites. 

Join me on Friday to wish a farewell to 2016 in beady style! It's a Bead Bash - there will be giveaways, free projects, inspiration for 2017 and lots and lots of beads. 

I will have bead bundles at 30-40% and new beads to share. 

Join my Humblebeads VIP Party Group so you don't miss the fun. See you at 2pm EST for this end of the year bead party! 

December 7, 2016

Bead Table Wednesday - Memory Wire and Bead Spinner Bracelets

Today on my Bead Table Wednesday live chat, I shared how to make these fun and simple bracelets using memory wire and a bead spinner. You can watch the video below and scrolled down to the links of resources that were mentioned.

I recommend checking out your local bead store first and shopping local if you can. Lima Beads and Fusion Beads also carry most of these supplies and they are owned by women, so support them above large box stores!

Bead Spinner
Extra Large Memory Wire
Xuron Track Cutters
Lindstrom Pliers
(*Amazon affiliate links)

Peanut Seed Beads:
Whim Beads
Fusion Beads

Metal Seed Beads - size 11/0 is what I use.

Humblebeads or Humblebeads on Etsy
Green Girl Studios